Lee Hyori – H-Logic

Release Date: April 13, 2010

Track Listing

  1. I’m Back
  2. Love Sign (ft. Sang Chu (Mighty Mouth))
  3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (ft. Ceejay of Freshboyz)
  4. Feel The Same
  5. Bring It Back (ft. Bekah (After School) and Ji Yoon (4Minute))
  6. Highlight (ft. Bizzy)
  7. 그네 (Swing) (ft. Gary of Leessang)
  8. Scandal
  9. 100 Percent
  10. Want Me Back
  11. How Did We Get (Duet with Dae Sung from Big Bang)
  12. So Cold
  13. Get 2 Know (ft. Double K)
  14. MEMORY (ft. Bizzy)


H-Logic is Lee Hyori’s return to music after a two year break. It’s her 4th studio album and is promoted as not conforming to the current trend of Electronica/Dance pop. Instead there is a direction to favor a more organic flavor of Dance and Hip-Hop. And that move works to great effect as this album stands out among the sound-alike productions that every other similar artist or group is relying on.

It’s quite refreshing to hear something other than crunchy or squeaky synth sounds in the instrumentals. The songs here definitely live up to the promise of staying away from jumping on the current pop sound. What you hear are some influences from American Hip-Hop but unlike the past, the beats don’t sound like direct ripoffs of popular producers sounds. Another refreshing aspect of this album.

Seeing that the majority of the tracks on this album sit firmly within the mid to up tempo Urban style of music it should come as no surprise that a lot of the songs are catered to being catchy car or club bangers. Fortunately these songs aren’t the vapid, forget about it the minute it’s over kind & there is some substance that makes each one memorable in their own way.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is probably as close as one will get to the current K-Pop sound on this album. It’s a bit closer to Urban flavored dance track than a full on Electro pop explosion so just for that fact it gets a pass from me. It’s also a really catchy track. Highlight has a bit of a dancehall swing to it & reminds me a lot of MVP’s Roc Ya Body or Maki Goto’s Queen Bee. (without a fat dude screaming over the track)

그네 (Swing) is unique as it doesn’t conform to the dominant Urban sound & instead feels more like something one would hear on a Kill Bill soundtrack. But it’s a nice way to give the listener a break before getting back into the jams.

The last song I’d like to mention is How Did We. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the sample but then it popped into my head. Annie Lennox.It’s the first time I’ve heard any of her solo songs used as a sample. Anyway, kudos to the creative sampling and the song itself is a great duet.

Overall I found no real fault with this album at all. Welcome back Hyori.

Vol. 4 H-Logic

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