Kizuiteyo...I Love You / Lily.

Release Date: November 10, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Kizuite yo… I Love You
  2. With You
  3. Tooku Hanareta Basho de feat.  C (STY Gin n’ Tonic Remix)
  4. Kizuite yo… I Love You (Instrumental)


Kizuite yo… I Love You is R&B singer Lily’s 2nd single and it was used as the November theme song for TV show CDTV.  It’s a smooth bit of mid tempo R&B that is quite a departure from the typical Hip-Pop style that dominates the genre these days.  The b-side With You is a contrast to the chill of the a-side and gives off more of a summer kind of song feeling.

Both songs great examples of Lily’s vocal talent and her voice fits well within Urban music. She’s comparable to a lot of other singers within the genre and I tend to think of Kato Miliyah personally although others may not agree.  There is also a remix of one her album tracks and the instrumental of the a-side if you’re interested.

Overall this wasn’t bad, I favored the b-side a bit more but I think either song is serviceable to R&B fans.

Kizuite yo… I Love You

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