LIMELIGHT- Love & Happiness Review

LIMELIGHT Love & Happiness Cover

Release Date: February 17, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Honestly
  2. Blanc Noir
  3. Crystal
  4. Honestly (Instrumental)
  5. Blanc Noir (Instrumental)
  6. Crystal (Instrumental)
  7. Honestly (Acapella Version)
  8. Blanc Noir (Acapella Version)
  9. Crystal (Acapella Version)


In the last quarter of 2022, 143 Entertainment’s fresh-faced girl group, LIMELIGHT, made a strong impression with their self-titled pre-debut EP, showcasing their ability to weave in and out through various types of pop and dance music.

In February 2023, they debuted with their EP Love & Happiness and its title track, Honestly.

Unlike the songs on their pre-debut, Honestly is a shift into American-styled EDM teen pop. While it continues to show their versatility in performing different kinds of music, the song feels somewhat flat compared to what they offered in their pre-debut.

The closest comparable I can think of is ITZY’s Boys Like You. If you like that kind of track, then LIMELIGHT’s Honestly will probably fit your listening needs.

The two b-sides are the ones I found to be more exciting listens. Sure, both Blanc Noir and Crystal can be considered clones of StarLight. But is that a bad thing? These two songs at least present LIMELIGHT with a style of music that is more attention-grabbing than Honestly.

Your opinion may differ depending on your attachment to the a-side.

Considering the entire album as a whole, the three songs on Love & Happiness are good enough to please those who have hitched their wagons to this group from the beginning and newcomers alike.

The only real downside to Love & Happiness is that it is only three songs of new material. But bonus points will be given to 143 Entertainment for again including the vocal tracks and instrumentals for DJs and producers to play with.

That somewhat makes up for the lack of new songs.

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