LinQ – AWAKE ~LinQ Dai ni Gakushou~ Review

AWAKE ~LinQ Dai ni Gakushou~

Release Date: March 26, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Chime ga Owareba
  2. Fukuoka Ii
  3. Garnet
  4. Wake Up
  5. Colorful Days
  6. Motto Motto Itsuka Kitto
  7. Ame ni Nuretemo
  8. Friend
  9. Egao ni LinQ
  10. Calorie Nante
  11. Hanabii!!
  12. Mirai Nikki


AWAKE ~LinQ Dai ni Gakushou~ is the first major label album for Fukuoka based idol group LinQ. It includes their major debut single Chime ga Owareba and the follow ups Hanabi!! and Colorful Days.

LinQ are a fast rising group who secured record contract with Tower Records idol label T-Pallette shortly after their debut in April of 2011. Their name comes from the phrase Love In Kyuushu and represents their desire to make Fukuoka a city of idol culture.

Given that they have ascended so quickly is this group all hype or do they have that something special that will set them apart from all the other female idol groups asking for your attention?

After listening to this album it’s definitely the latter. The pacing is just about perfect for an idol album. Considering that most are front-loaded these days, spreading the love around is a good thing.

The most immediate comparison for this group in regards to sound is most likely 9nine. So if you like them, LinQ might just satisfy your idol needs. If you have no clue about them, well perhaps look them up after reading this.

The major benefit of AWAKE ~LinQ Dani ni Gakushou~ is that the majority of it is up-tempo pop. So those of you with idol ADD will probably be able to survive this album without issue.

Overall this is a great major label debut and an album that deserves some attention if you’re willing to look for something outside of your normal listening routine.

AWAKE ~LinQ Dai ni Gakushou~ (Regular)


AWAKE ~LinQ Dai ni Gakushou~ (Type A)


AWAKE ~LinQ Dai ni Gakushou~ (Type B)


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