Little Glee Monster – Colorful Monster Review

Little Glee Monster Colorful Monster RE

Release Date: January 6, 2016

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Suki da
  2. SAY!!!
  3. Houkago High Five
  4. Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri
  5. Chiisana Koi ga, Owatta
  6. Kakikake no Mirai
  7. Gao Gao All-Star
  8. NO! NO!! NO!!!
  9. Feel Me
  10. Seishun Photography
  12. Girls be Free!
  13. Diamond
  14. Zenryoku REAL LIFE
  15. Sora wa Mieteiru

Disc 2

  1. Towa ni (Gospellers)
  2. Rainy Blue (Tokunaga Hideaki)
  3. Lady Marmalade (Labelle)
  4. Eyes to me (DREAMS COME TRUE)
  5. Fight! (Nakajima Miyuku)


Little Glee Monster are a group born from a collaboration between Sony Music Records and Watanabe Entertainment Co. Ltd. The group consists of six members: Serina, Asahi, Maji, Mayu, Karen and manaka.

The selling point of this group is their extraordinary vocal talents that were showcased in collaborations with other artists and in their TV appearances. They also have covered songs from BUMP OF CHICKEN, Southern All Star and MISIA early in their career.

Colorful Monster is their debut full-length album and it features the single Suki da.

Little Glee Monster are one of those idol groups that have started to gain momentum in the ever so crowded idol group market. Their concept is definitely un-idol like with an emphasis on their ability to sing. Not “sing” as in yell in key or half-ass stay in tune. But actually belt their tunes out with some conviction.

Yes, it’s strange and the beginning of this album is incredibly deceptive starting off with rather run of the mill idol fare that does not necessarily fit the m.o. of Little Glee Monster.

It’s not until Chiisana Koi ga, Owatta that the traces of the vocal group concept start to peek through. It comes into full effect in tracks such as Kakikake no Mirai, Feel Me, Seishun Photography, HARMONY and Sora wa Mieteiru.

The second disc in this set is a group of cover songs that range from J-Pop to a disco classic. Towa ni, Rainy Blue and Fight are very strong displays of the vocal abilities of Little Glee Monster and show that they are more than they appear to be.

In the end Colorful Monster is a solid effort that manages to successfully combine idol appeal with the qualities of a vocal group.

My only real issue with this album is that the first disc is a few tracks too long. You may think differently. It’s all subjective after all. Whatever the case, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give this group a chance given that they seem to be offering something a little different when it comes to idol groups.

Colorful Monster (Regular Edition)


Colorful Monster (Limited Edition)


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