Little Glee Monster – Joyful Monster Review

Joyful Monster is the 2nd major album of the girls vocal unit, Little Glee Monster. It was released on January 7th, 2017 and came in 4 versions. One of which includes a bonus CD of cover songs, which is the version I will be reviewing today.

Disc 1: The Originals


Out of the 14 songs on the main disc, 8 are from singles, and 6 are newly released songs. To me, who has been overdosing on LGM recently, this was a bit of a disappointment since the majority of it were songs I’ve already been listening to. However, if you set that aside, the quality of the album itself is still top notch. No matter how much I listen to them, these girls have voices that leave me wondering how many souls they sold to the devil to sound this good at such a young age. (Their average age is 17.)

The first half of this album leads with the refreshing and upbeat LGM sound of hits like Hajimari no Uta and Watashirashiku Ikitemitai. It’d be perfect listening material for taking a long drive on a nice day, or even just to add a boost of positivity to your morning.

While definitely still carrying their youthful feeling, the group’s songs have also grown up along with their members. There’s much less songs about school life when compared to their previous album, Colorful Monster. The lyrics show a bit more maturity as does their sound. The album version of Kimi no You ni Naritai, the Japanese version of I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book, has an added scat intro and is even jazzier than their first pass at the song.

Then you have some funkier tunes like Catch Me If You Can where you can even get a taste of some R&B influence thrown in. At the tail end of the album, things slow down for a few ballads that, while lovely, aren’t quite as memorable in composition.

If only there were more new songs instead of some of the single B-sides they included, I would’ve given this 5 stars!

Disc 2: The Covers


As fun as their original songs are, sometimes I look forward to LGM’s covers even more than their originals. I’d imagine that being under both Watanabe Entertainment and Sony Music, they get an incredible selection of music to do covers from. And boy do they take advantage of that well.

For songs that I already know, I’m impressed by the LGM covers.*

For songs that I don’t know, I end up loving the song thanks to their covers.

With the combination of the girls’ vocal skills and the well produced song arrangements, they’ve brought justice to the originals* time and time again, while also keeping that Little Glee punch to it.

*with exception to Seasons of Love from Rent. Can’t make me love a song that I can’t stand.

Final Judgement


I’d highly recommend Joyful Monster if you’re checking the group out for the first time, or just trying to catch up on their music since the previous album. Little Glee Monster is a serious treat for the ears and this album most certainly keeps to that standard.

So grab your best pair of headphones, plug in, and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Disc 1

1. Hajimari No Uta
2. My Best Friend
3. Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu
4. Watashirashiku Ikitemitai
5. Hop Step Jump!
6. Catch Me If You Can
7. Kimi No You Ni Naritai
8. Don’t Worry Be Happy
9. Happy Gate
10. Seishun Photograph
11. Orange
12. Ai Ni Yuku
13. Sukida.
14. JOY

Disc 2

1. One More Time, One More Chance
2. Nandodemo
3. Tashikana Koto

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

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