Little Glee Monster – My Best Friend Review

Little Glee Monster My Best Friend

Release Date: May 15, 2016

Track Listing

  1. My Best Friend
  2. Happy Gate
  3. Never ending dreamer
  4. JOY
  5. My Best Friend –instrumental- (Limited Edition only)


My Best Friend is the 5th single from Little Glee Monster and contains several songs used as themes for various commercials and a television show.

The title track was used as the commercial song for the ROUND1 amusement stores. Happy Gate was the commercial song for Sony Sanpo and lastly, Never ending dreamer was the theme song for the MBS baseball show Minna no Koushien. The song JOY (which has no affiliations to anything) rounds out this single package.

Each song on this single has its own unique style starting with the retro sounding title track and ending with a rather soulful, church-like experience in JOY. Whatever song you choose to listen to, what is consistent is that Little Glee Monster are being pushed as a vocal group first and idols second.

Yeah I know, idols and actual singing don’t necessarily equate, but this group seems to be a rather big exception taking every opportunity to diva out a little either individually or with some tight harmonies. If you are already a fan of this group then you know what I am speaking of. Otherwise, you may be in for a treat if they have been under your radar or you have not given them a chance as of yet.

If you are looking for a set of songs to add to your summer play list or just want something uplifting to listen to, this single is for you.

My Best Friend (Regular Edition)


My Best Friend (Limited Edition)


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