Live Report: angela at Anime Central 2014

This year at Anime Central,  J-rock group angela appeared for the first time, after having done a few overseas convention appearances in the past, and the audiences were ecstatic. angela did a number of appearances throughout the convention including Q&A sessions and autographs, but the main draw was the full-length 2-hour concert that took place on Saturday.

angela is well-known for their musical contributions to a plethora of anime shows, and they made their major debut in 2003 with the themes for the anime “Stellvia.” They gained more success and started charting on the Japanese Oricon, and their music can now be heard in shows like “Fafner in the Azure,” “Heroic Age,” “Corpse Princess,” “Asura Cryin,’” “K,” “Valvrave the Liberator,” “Coppelion,” and many more. It was recently announced that angela would be performing the theme song for the upcoming shows “Knights of Sidonia” and “Missing Kings.”

The main duo of talent in angela is made up of Atsuko on vocals and KATSU on guitar. Their songs are a blend of just about every musical genre and style, and while they have a strong base in rock with electronic elements, they also have everything from epic ballads to heavy metal songs. angela brought their support band with two other members to have a full-on concert at Anime Central.DSC01170
The main event concert hall had almost all of the 500 seats filled for the show, and when angela took the stage, the audience roared and screamed with excitement, and the atmosphere lasted for the whole concert. They blasted through about 10 songs during the set as well as a number of MCs for introducing the whole band and doing some crowd participation.DSC01115DSC01099DSC01165Early in the show, they performed one of their biggest hits, “Asu e no Brilliant Road,” here’s a video of the performance:

The whole band was really energetic on stage, with lots of dramatic poses and dancing while playing their instruments, and the sound mixing was fantastic, every element of the music shined through perfectly to the listeners.DSC01087DSC01136DSC01157

They also performed a number of their hits from other anime shows from over the years, as well as surprising everyone during the encore with a cover of the classic theme from Neon Genesis Evangelion, “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” and the response was overwhelming. Here’s a video of that performance:


They finished the show after the few songs from the encore and everyone dispersed for the night. This was one of the loudest crowds I’ve ever heard at an anime convention concert, and I think it shows the enthusiasm the audience had for the angela. Thanks to Anime Central staff for bringing them to rock ACen and thanks to angela for putting on an awesome show.

Stay tuned for lots more live coverage from Selective Hearing in the next few months from Idol Matsuri and Chicago Japan Festival 2014, among others!

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