Live Report: Shonen Knife in Chicago

Osaka’s all-girl rock powerhouse Shonen Knife have been rocking the masses since 1981, with over 20 albums under their belt, and are still going strong, having continuously toured the world for many years, and recently started a US tour in support of their newest album, “Overdrive.” I got to see their awesome show in Chicago a few nights ago, and loved every moment. Here’s some highlights:



The set list ranged from classics like “Banana Chips” and “Twist Barbie” to a great suite of new songs from Overdrive like “Bad Luck Song,” “Green Tea,” and “Ramen Rock.” A number of the songs featured lead vocals by the different members, giving many songs a different sound from the usual Naoko lead songs and making for a great variety in the show.

Here’s a video from the show of their 2012 album song “Pop Tune:



The crowd was high-energy the whole way through and got especially rowdy when they played some of their punk classics like “Antonio Baka Guy.” They took some fan requests near the end of the show for songs that weren’t on the set list at all, making for a great end to the night and also did a short autograph session for a long line of fans after the show.




There’s still many dates left on the US tour, so get out and see them when they come through your town!


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