Lovelyz – Obliviate (Selective Hearing Remix)


Release Date: Sept 1, 2020
Key: Bb Minor
BPM: 118

The lead single from Woollim Entertainment’s Lovelyz’s seventh mini-album Unforgettable is Oblivate. It is a song written by Sujeong that goes against the trend of the typical Lovelyz music about lamenting about love lost.

The lyrics are more about erasing the bad memories than lingering over what could have been for this particular track. Oblivate gives off a sentimental feeling yet is more aggressive than what one would generally expect from Lovelyz.

It was a bit easier to approach this song, given that its structure was reasonably straightforward for the most part. The end was where I had the most difficulty. It doesn’t end on a high like a lot of songs do. So I had to modify the instrumental to be somewhat less hectic than it would usually be at its climax.

My interpretation of Obliviate ended up sounding much different than the original after all was said and done. I did my best to retain the song’s feeling while building a slightly more energetic instrumental to surround the vocals.

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