LoVendoЯ – Яe:Start Review

LoVendoЯ Яe-Start

Release Date: September 6, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Buppanase! Baby, I Love You
  2. Kirakira Densetsu
  3. Cinderella Time
  4. Tabidachi no Kane
  5. GAME


Re: Start is LoVendoЯ’s fourth mini-album and third original album release. It is also their first release since the departure of guitarist Uozumi Yuki. For this release there is a change in musical direction for LoVendoЯ. Up until this point their sound has been one that fell within the indie rock world with small traces of pop influences.

With Re: Start they have started leaning more towards their pop side. So much that they are now starting to look more like an idol group rather than a rock group. If you think about it in that way they are now similar to Buono! but with an edge. If you are a fan of LoVendoЯ’s previous rock based works that is probably going to sound like an insult.

Don’t let the lead single Buppanase! Baby, I Love You fool you into thinking that LoVendoЯ have completely flipped their sound. The base of what they are is still intact but it is now in an easier to digest package. That is evident when you get past the first song on the album and into cuts such as Kirkira Densetsu, Tabidachi no Kane and GAME. Some may find Re: Start to be a bit of a step back for LoVendoЯ given they are supposed to be the female rockers in UP-FRONT’s line up and are now heading towards the opposite path instead.

If you look at this album by itself away from LoVendoЯ’s discography it is a fairly decent release. Now put it against their past material and you may come to the conclusion that this could have been a lot worse. There was a chance LoVendoЯ could have gone full idol and just thrown in the towel on the whole rock music thing and who knows what the result could have been?

Re: Start is probably going to bring up more questions than answers when it comes to this now 3-member group. They seemed to be slowly creating their own niche with a type of sound that has not been heard of in UP-FRONT since the final years of Melon Kinenbi. Now fans and listeners can only wonder who the real LoVendoЯ is. Are they still a rock group or are they now an idol group who happen to have rock as their backing music?


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