LovendoЯ – Takaramono/Itsuwari Review

Lovendor 2nd Single Cover Type A

Release Date: February 24, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Takaramono
  2. Itsuwari
  3. Curry Rice [Regular Edition A]/li>
  4. YELL ~Anata ni Okuru~ [Regular Edition B]
  5. Takaramono (Instrumental)
  6. Itsuwari (Instrumental)


Takaramono/Itsuwari is LovendoЯ’s second major label single. Considering that this band has been around for 4 years it appears to be strange that only now they are getting to their second single release. Or at least that is what it would appear to be on the outside. If you take into consideration that LovendoЯ did not start releasing any original material until 2014 then perhaps it makes the fact that their discography is somewhat bare a little more acceptable.

A common comment about this group early on was that they were puppets for old men who wanted their favorite songs covered and re-hashed by young women. As the group has evolved they have managed to shed that image little by little. On this, their second single the lyrics for 3 of the 4 songs in the package (Takaramono, Itsuwari and YELL ~Anata ni Okuru~) were written by Tanaka Reina and the remaining one (Curry Rice) was penned by Okada Marina. Composition duties went to Uozumi Yuki and Miyazawa Marin making everything a true group collaborative effort.

That of course is a far cry from their humble beginnings and now we are finally getting to hear what LovendoЯ is all about. With this single they confidently push their brand of catchy girl rock to the masses. The songs written by Tanaka are actually quite nice with Itsuwari and YELL ~Anata ni Okuru!~ being the most memorable. Curry Rice deserves an honourable mention as well.

With more creative freedom we are finally seeing LovendoЯ as an actual serious band. It took a few years but it’s nice to know they’re on the right path now. So if they could fix that whole thing about not having a permanent bass player and drummer perhaps their transformation will be complete.

Takaramono/Itsuwari (Regular Edition A)


Takaramono/Itsuwari (Regular Edition B)


Takaramono/Itsuwari (Limited Edition)



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