Lovendor – Bukiyou Review

Lovendor Bukiyou

Release Date: April 23, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Bukiyou
  2. Musebinaku
  3. 880 Yen
  4. BINGO
  5. Dakedo Mou Ichido Soredemo Mou Ichido


Bukiyou is Lovendor’s second indies release and their first to feature some original material. Their first release was a relatively good start to their career but left questions as to whether they were the real deal.

With the cover tunes thrown out the window, this mini-album can be considered where their starting line is actually at. With their own tunes in hand, do they deserve a bit more credit outside of being Tanaka Reina and a bunch of other chicks?

After listening to this I believe they do. At the very least they’re not singing songs picked from an old man’s record collection. Maybe their new songs are possibly written and produced by old men, but you gotta start with baby steps right?

Anyway, it seems that Tanaka Reina is finally dropping the idol vocals and is catching up to Okada Marina in regards to sounding like she belongs on a rock song. It’s a marked improvement, but you can still hear some of her idol past in her singing pop up at times.

Even thought there are fewer songs on this album, they are of much higher quality than the covers this band has done on their previous release. For this time out less is more seems to be the objective. And to be honest it’s hard to just recommend just one track since the entire thing is rather good for their first at bat without the tee-ball stand.

With that said there is a bit of dropping down to Earth here. These girls at this point in time won’t compete with some of the more seasoned female rock acts out there quite yet. The potential is there and given that they have progressed rather nicely over a single year between albums and there is hope that maybe they are poised to breakout if they continue in this direction.



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