Lovendor – Lovendor Cover The Rock

Lovendor Cover The Rock

Release Date: May 22, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Nemurenai Yoru
  2. Kyo Made Soshite Ashita Kara
  3. Kokki Hatameku Moto ni
  4. Amegari ni Yozora ni
  5. Shunkashuutou
  6. Tadorisuitara Itsumo Amefuri
  7. Rakuyou
  8. Joukyou Monogatari


In 2012 UP-FRONT held auditions for a vocalist and guitar players. Around the time of this audition UP-FRONT also announced that Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina would be the vocalist for a band. Shortly after she announced her graduation from Morning Musume to focus on this new band formed from the winners of the auditions, with February 2013 as the official start date of their activities. Fans were given the opportunity to christen this band with a name and Lovendor (pronounced Lavender) was born.

Besides Tanaka Reina, Lovendor members are co-vocalist Okada Marina and guitarists Uozumi Yuki & Miyazawa Marin. The group has no official members who play bass or drums. How this setup makes a complete band is beyond me, but I’m fairly sure that won’t exactly be a huge deal to most since they’ll be elated that Reina is fronting a band.

So what about this band as whole? What does Lovendor sound like? Are they another in a long line of female pop/rock groups such as Zone, Whiteberry, Stereopony & SCANDAL? Or are they similiar to other UP-FRONT acts like Hangry & Angry and Buono?

Well it’s hard to tell at this point in time since they’re covering other people’s songs and all. If we are going by what is on this album? Well first impression was that they were Buono-lite. After repeated listens one can gather that perhaps Lovendor have slightly more grit than the typical group of this nature within the UP-FRONT organization.

With that said this collection of covers isn’t exactly very diverse and seems to be narrowed down to a select few artists who include Izumiya Shigeru, Yoshida Takurou, RC SUCCESSION and Sharam Q. Having no exposure to the original versions I have no idea how faithful these renditions were so it’s hard to say if the songs were butchered or not.

Overall there wasn’t anything overly spectacular or mind blowing, but everything was solid enough for a first time out. My only real quandary with Lovendor Cover The Rock is probably the main reason people are paying attention in the first place, Tanaka Reina.

Tanaka’s singing voice is one that does not fit the songs on this album well. She ain’t going to be the equivalent of Avril Lavigne or anything to be completely honest. I think the lead lines should have been reversed with Okada taking the majority with Tanaka being more of a complimentary piece. Of course with the big hype of Tanaka being the center piece of the band, that was never going to happen. But if you remove her from the mix, it’s not like she would be missed.

If you’re a Tanaka Reina fan by all means pick this up, otherwise buy with caution or wait until Lovendor gets some original material so you can fairly judge their potential.

Lovendor Cover The Rock

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