m-flo Tripod ep 2

I don’t normally write a lot about the remixes I push out to the site. I don’t really have a lot to say about them most of them time. Instead I just post them and hope someone is kind enough to give them a listen.

This time I’ll try to expand a little about the creative process. There won’t be attempts to bore you too much with the details of sound design or nerdy attempts at sounding like I know what I’m talking about using big music production terms.

Instead I’ll just do a high level overview of how this remix came together.

First the basics of m-flo’s 2018 single No Question:

Release Date: 2018.03.07
Key: D flat Major
BPM: 150

Below are screen shots of the final arrangement and the instrument racks used in this project.

For those who are curious, I use Ableton Live 10 as my main DAW and rewire Reason 10 into it since I mainly use that app as a giant synth rack.

The first thing I did was lower the song’s tempo to 130 BPM. I then built a basic 4/4 drum loop in Reason, imported the vocals into Live and time stretched/edited them to stay in time with the loop. That was long task due to the odd timing of some of the vocals, especially during the chorus and rap sections. I’m sure I made it harder than it had to be to line everything up but I got the result I wanted.

When the vocals were all lined up the next step was to complete the drum programming and properly construct the structure of the song making small tweaks to the vocals to keep things in line with the changes. This also took a long time to get right, especially with the rap sections since VERBAL and LISA were spitting their verses so quickly.

The harmonic and melodic elements of the song were a lot easier to construct and insert into the track once I found the sounds I wanted. When everything blended well and fit the mood I was trying to create for the remix I figured it was all good.

After that was the process of arranging everything into a cohesive song that ebbs and flows without getting too repetitive. Again, multiple sessions of trial and error until i got to something that made sense.

Once the arrangement was finalized it was the painstaking joy of mixing and mastering. Contrary to popular belief it is the former that is more important than the latter. If the individual parts of the song are not balanced during the mixing stage it will sound like hot garbage once you get to the mastering stage.

The end result of all that work is the final session mastered in Logic and the 2 audio files below.

m-flo – No Question (2018)

m-flo – No Question (Instrumental) [2018]