m-flo Tribute ~Maison de m-flo~

m-flo Tribute maison de m-flo- / V.A.

Release Date: September 16, 2009

Track Listing

  1. May-J & JONTE – Miss You
  2. Thelma Aoyama – Come Again
  3. COMA-CHI – Planet Shining
  4. WISE feat. Kana Nishino – Yours Only
  5. JEJUNG & YUCHUN (DSBK) – Been So Long
  6. Misono – Simple & Lovely
  7. YU-A – The Love Bug
  8. Marie – Come Back To Me
  9. BENI – L.O.T. (Love or Truth)
  10. Shota Shimizu – Let Go


Tribute: ~Maison de m-flo~ is a tribute album dedicated to m-flo released by Rhythm Zone to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. This album features various artists covering m-flo songs. Some of the songs have been given new arrangements or have been remixed in some fashion.

m-flo are one of the groups that occupy a large amount of space in my J-Pop collection (3rd after Morning Musume and Do As Infinity). A lot of their songs also have introduced me to a lot of other J-Pop artists (melody, Sowelu, Bennie K, Ryohei, etc.) so when I heard of this tribute album I was interested in what it would sound like.

Mainly because many of the artists involved in this album are not from the usual group of m-flo collaborators. That meant that these interpretations of their songs would be different from what I’m used to. Many of the covers are some great stuff. The more outstanding ones being Yours Only (Wise & Kana Nishino), Been So Long (Jejung & Yuchum), Simple & Lovely (misono) & L.O.T. (BENI).

Of those Been So Long & Simply & Lovely were far above the other songs. I’m not too into DSBK, I mean I know of them & have only one of their songs so far (Choosey Lover) but the two members cover of Been So Long was on point.

At first it was strange hearing the verses sung by a male lead & of course hearing the raps done by someone other than VERBAL was also a new experience. But after a few spins I can say  it’s definitely on par with the origninal.

Simply & Lovely was originally a collaboration with Kumi Koda. This cover is by her sister misono and is a departure from the R&B feel of the original & goes into more aggressive rock influenced territory. This is one of the few songs on this album where the verses from VERBAL are intact.

I did find a couple of tracks to be I guess “misses” if it’s possible to call them that.  The first being Miss You (May J. & JONTE).  To me nothing can top the combo of Ryohei & melody but this was a nice try.  I did like the beats though.

The Love Bug (YU-A) did have some nice beats but its’ one of the few tracks where I didn’t like hearing YU-A.  The lack of an established MC doing the rap verses probably had a hand in  me disliking this cover.

With those small exceptions I found this to be a fitting tribute to m-flo. If you’re an m-flo fan this should join your collection. For everyone else, this is definitely worth investing some time (& money if you’re so inclined) in.

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