Mademoiselle Yulia – Mademoworld

Mademoiselle Yulia - Mademoworld

Release Date: October 5, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Gimme Gimme
  2. Bam Me
  3. Luxury Of You
  4. Wao feat. VERBAL
  5. Down Down
  6. Zodiac Gold
  7. Replay
  8. You Can’t Have Me That Way
  9. Chronic
  10. Midnight Express
  11. Don’t Stop The Music
  12. Touch Me


Mademoiselle Yulia is a musician and DJ associated with the Electro scene in Tokyo and Mademoworld is her debut album.

Many may recognize her as the vocalist of the Plastics during their 2010 comeback or may know her from collaborations with the Teriyaki Boyz,, m-flo and VERBAL. (Who also is the executive producer on this album.)

With that said this is somewhat similar to VERBAL’s Visionair or maybe closer to what Namie Amuro has been experimenting with on her recent songs. If that isn’t your thing you should probably stop reading. If you’re still with me then you’ll be in for an interesting ride.

A lot of the songs on this album are very pop oriented. They may not be on the same level of instant attention grabbers like Yasutaka Nakata’s brand of Electro Pop, but there’s nothing that would warrant hitting the skip or stop button.

The singles from this album (Gimme Gimme & Bam Me) are probably not the best representation of the material on Mademoworld. They’re alright but songs such as Wao, Zodiac Gold, Midnight Express and Touch Me are much better and worth listening to instead.

In the end this does not appeal to a mass mainstream audience as hard as it tries. Mademoworld is more suited for those who are already into the Electro scene or those who are into club oriented music.


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