Maika Loubté Releases “Flower In The Dark” From Her Forthcoming Album Lucid Dreaming

Maika Loubté has released “Flower In The Dark,” the latest single from her forthcoming album Lucid Dreaming. The moody electronica track depicts the sadness of a farewell.

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Singer, songwriter and producer Maika Loubté continues her string of single releases with the new song “Flower In The Dark” on Wednesday, August 25th, a follow up to the track “It’s So Natural” featuring AAAMYYY.

This is the sixth single from the forthcoming new album Lucid Dreaming, which will be released on October 20th, 2021. After performing some early live versions of the song during live streaming events and becoming a favourite among fans, the studio version will finally be revealed.

On the heels of the other singles from the album, “Flower In The Dark” is accompanied by a video and artwork that makes you into a dreamlike and beautiful spatial world with the 3D graphics created in collaboration with Saou Tanaka, an inspirational VJ and video artist based in Leipzig, Germany.

“Flower In The Dark” lyric video:

The song features a beautiful melody and silky vocals intertwined with intricate harmonies. It is a comfortable electronica song that makes one feel as if they are lost floating around in a daydream.

Lyrically, the words and melodies depict someone who has lost an important person and is battling various emotions. The flower in this song expresses love, grief and respect to the deceased. Sudden partings can leave the still living feeling lonely, sad, disappointed, and regretful. However, it is not only the bereaved who have these feelings but also the departed who may feel the same way, even though they cannot be seen.

On the song, Maika comments: “A lot of encounters and events that happened a few years ago led me to write this song. It’s hard to say where people go after they die. But I feel like I can find hope by strongly believing that we are together, even if we can’t see each other.”

Release Information

Maika Loubte Flower In The Dark

Maika Loubté “Flower In The Dark”
Release date: Wednesday, August 25th, 2021
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About Maika Loubté

Raised in Paris, Hong Kong and now residing in Tokyo, Maika Loubté consistently explores an amalgam of novel and nostalgic music styles. Connecting numerous dots of sound, she creates original yet subconsciously familiar melodies listeners have an emotional connection with.

As a multicultural songwriter, producer and singer, Maika takes in global influences as she experiments and creates using several vintage analog synthesizers in her home studio in Tokyo.

Live, she captivates fans with her unique vocals while triggering a plethora of electronic instruments at the moment. Her music has been featured in Mazda, RVCA, and an original Netflix anime series.