Makai – Stars

Makai Stars

Release Date: September 24, 2008

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Tokyo Lovelight feat. Yuchun
  3. My One Star feat. LISA
  4. Star In My Sky feat. BENI
  5. Shine Your Light On Me feat. KCO
  6. Starlight feat. Ryohei
  7. Superstar feat. Yolis
  8. Interlude
  9. Everlasting Star feat. Stephanie
  10. 10. I ☆ You feat. Thelma Aoyama (STARS Edit)
  11. Twinkle Star feat. Emi Hinouchi
  12. Baby Star feat. AZU & L-VOKAL
  13. Outro


MAKAI is a Japanese House DJ whose productions lie between DJ Kawasaki & GTS. He favors collaborations with various vocalists and his 2008 album Stars features YUCHUN from Tohoshinki, LISA, BENI and Thelma Aoyama.

For those of you who enjoy dance music without the cheese this will be the perfect listening experience for you. This may be a little too heavy on the vocal side for House music purists as there aren’t any real instrumental tracks to speak of. DJ’s looking for easy intro & outros will also be disappointed. But if you’ve got some creative skills or know enough about track placement you should be able to toss any of the songs on Stars into a mix.

If you can get past both of those downsides you will discover a lot of quality tracks that definitely catch and maintain your attention. Many are within the high 120 something to mid 130 something BPM range. The standouts being Tokyo Lovelight, My One Star, Star In My Sky, Starlight and Twinkle Star. (Notice a theme here?)

There is only 1 mid tempo song called Super Star that has a blend of Incognito and Jamiroquai funk with a touch of electronic synth bass for good measure. Great stuff.

Usually House tracks don’t age well at all. You can really tell what year a song is from just by listening to it. The songs on Stars seem to be an exception and stand the test of time quite well. While the idea of actually listening to House music may be a turn off for some, there’s enough vocal star power here to probably entice one to stick around.

Definitely give this a spin.


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