Maki Goto – Gloria

Maki Goto Gloria

Release Date: January 12, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Ashiato
  2. Hanataba
  3. Koi Hitoyo
  4. Fake
  5. Age Kyoku


  1. Ashiato
  2. 2010.6.3. Goto Maki Premium Mini Live (Lady Rise / Houseki / Eyes)


Maki goto returns after 5 months with a second mini-album Gloria which forgoes the dance influences of ONE and instead goes with a guitar based pop/rock sound which was hinted on her last mini-album with Wagamama.

Goto continues to explore new musical territory, further completing the separation from her former H!P image and sound. She definitely sounds comfortable over these tracks. Her cover of Kudo Shizuka’s Koi Hitoyo and the acoustic driven Hanataba are stellar examples of her growth as an artist.

The last song worth mentioning is Age Kyoku. It sounds very similar to an Ayumi Hamasaki styled song combining both dance and rock elements together. Considering that most Avex produced songs sound similar this isn’t really a surprise or coincidence. But she still sounds good.

Overall this is another successful outing from Maki Goto. Much like her previous mini-album I am disappointed that this was a mini-album. But it’s all good thanks to the quality of the songs. I really think that she deserves a full length sooner than later.

Gloria (Jacket A)

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Gloria (Jacket B)

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