Maki Goto – Love

Maki Goto Love

Jacket A

Maki Goto Love Jacket B

Jacket B

Release Date: May 4, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Nee
  2. lalala
  3. Sora to Kimi no Aida ni
  4. Aitai
  5. Your Song


Maki Goto’s 3rd mini-album continues where her 2nd (Gloria) left off with more organic sounding pop songs. Her evolution into a more complete artist also continues as she is credited with writing the lyrics for all the songs on this album.

There are four new songs on Love and a cover of Nakashima Miyuki’s Sora to Kimi no Aida ni. A lot of the original material here falls in mid-tempo to ballad territory with one dance song (lalala) and one rock oriented song (Your Song) to break things up.

Does that mean this is a snooze fest? Not necessarily. If you enjoyed Goto’s ballads back from her Hello! Project days you should have no problem absorbing the ones on Love. The best of these songs are Nee and Aitai with the latter being the stronger of the two.

With this album I feel that Goto has proven that she has become more of a complete artist than her past has shown. It’s really quite a remarkable transformation. With that said the biggest flaw of Love is that it is yet another mini-album.

A full length album is what is needed next. Let’s hope that’s the next step in her Avex career.

Love (Jacket A – CD + DVD)

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Love (Jacket B – CD Only)

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