Manipulating The Numbers

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I was reading this article on allkpop and just had to laugh. This one quote from the article had me in stitches:

The hoarding purchase that our fan club made was not properly reflected on the rankings

This type of activity is the reason I don’t trust any music charts anywhere, especially when it comes to J-Pop and K-Pop. Wota and crazy fangirls/boys buy so many damn copies of their favorite artist’s works it totally fucks up the charts therefore misrepresenting what’s actually popular.

I am guilty of doing this supporting Morning Musume in their attempts to break certain sales numbers against rival groups. It’s not right, but sometimes you do get caught up in the whole hype of trying to help your favorite act get to the top, especially when they haven’t been there in a while. Again, it still doesn’t make things right.

For fans reading this don’t act like you didn’t have an idea that this was going on. Look at the type of fan culture you’re a part of. If you’re still clueless you must have been living a very sheltered life or are oblivious to how fans buying power can screw things up. And my how they screw things up.

Even if a song is the most craptacular epic ever composed hardcore fans will ignore that fact in order to keep their favorites on top. Does that do much to keep a consistent quality of music on the charts? Not really. In fact it does more damage as other labels will see that some shit song charted high & they’ll copy it & create a vicious circle of mundane sound-a-likes.

Is that what we as music fans really want? An assembly line of mediocrity caused by a segment of well intentioned (yet misguided) fans? I certainly don’t but I’m in the minority here. My overseas buying power really doesn’t mean jack unless I buy from an accredited company whose sales actually count towards the charts. This means I’m paying a premium to do so and as I much as I would like to support certain deserving acts by purchasing copies of their albums/singles, I can’t.

I kind of like paying my bills and having food on the table. I can’t eat 12 copies of the latest Morning Musume or SNSD single and nor will the return for re-selling the purchases really amount to much. I don’t necessarily want to discourage this practice. People can do whatever they want with their money. But those who choose to participate should at least be informed about the consequences of their actions.

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