Mano Erina – La La La So So So

La La La So So So Single Cover

La La La So So So is Mano Erina’s third indies single.  It’s a happy mid-tempo number that like her previous singles, features some nice piano work.  It’s definitely closer in tone to Mano Piano than Lucky Aura, in that it’s a relaxing tune.

Mano’s vocals have improved.  In my previous reviews (of her songs) I mentioned that she sounds kind of monotone or I guess emotionless when she sings.  That’s not the case here as her voice is full of life & matches the music quite nicely.  Some may find her voice to have an overly-cute kind of quality but I think it works effectively on this kind of track.

This is some good work and is the first time I liked one of her songs as a whole, instead of just the instrumental.

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