Mano Erina – Love & Peace = Paradise

Mano Erina Love & Peace

Love & Peace = Paradise is Mano Erina’s 5th single and is the ending theme song for Kitty Paradise Peace! This song follows in the footsteps of Sekai wa Summer Party as an upbeat, happy & somewhat cutesy kind of song.

Which is just great since these kind of tracks are a break from her typical boring piano songs (i.e.  her single previous to this one, Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo).  Honestly a ballad would be kind of strange to hear at the end of a Hello Kitty show wouldn’t it? Unless it’s a ballad about coughing up hairballs or something. Then it would be humorous.

What I found most surprising about this song were her vocals. My opinion is that she’s rather monotone about 95% of the time. She sounds extremely animated here and it’s definitely a great change that I hope continues on her future songs.

Even if she goes back to singing ballads at least she’ll sound like she’s putting some sort of feeling into her songs.

The video itself is nothing spectacular and mostly takes place in front of a pink and white pixel back drop. Most of the shots are either of Mano looking cute or in some cases kind of hot (see swing set scenes). Yes, she is definitely nice to look at.

There isn’t much else to the video besides some simple video effects and S/mileage pulling duty as her backup dancers again.

I think this is light years beyond some of her previous songs and gives me hope that her upcoming album will not be as dull as I expect it to be. Her videos are still kinda meh but to be honest, I only watch them to stare at Mano Eri.

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