Mano Erina – More Friends

More Friends / Erina Mano

Limited Edition

More Friends / Erina Mano

Regular Edition

Release Date: November 24, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Genkimono de Ikou!
  2. Gomen, Hanashikatta Dake
  3. Dare ni mo Iwanaide
  4. Do Re Mi Fa Doushite?
  5. Love & Peace = Paradise
  6. Tomorrow
  7. Ambitious Girls
  8. Datenshi Erie
  9. Arashi no Mae no Candle
  10. Haru no Arashi
  11. Uchi e Kaerou (Sad Version)
  12. Onegai Dakara…


Mano Erina’s second studio album is called More Friends. Yes, the title is lame but it at least bucks the trend of Hello! Project numbering their albums and then placing an arbitrary title that makes no logical sense (most times) afterwards.

This album features several previously released singles (Love & Peace = Paradise, Haru no Arashi, Onegai Dakara and Genkimono de Ikou) which leaves a whopping 8 new songs to process. That’s a rather large number for an H!P album these days.

Those songs are actually quite good with the exception of one. I have no idea what the reasoning behind Datenshi Erie is but it’s kind of weird. It’s like all spoken word dialogue with some helium voiced character with a bit of singing in between the conversations. I didn’t really get it.

But everything else is gravy. Mano’s vocals have improved even more since Friends and any traces of her emotionless robot performances are long gone. A perfect example is Uchi e Kaerou (Sad Version). There’s no way she could have possibly gotten away with that song when she debuted.

Another bonus to her growth as a singer is that she’s much more versatile and is able to handle more of the varied musical styles that H!P songs are known to cover. On this album she sounds really good singing ballads such as Arashi no mae no Candle.

She could be the one to replace Aya Matsuura as the ballad singer in H!P. This is a good start; at least it’s not boring like Ayaya’s material was at the end of her Hello! Project career.

With Friends I was surprised that the album didn’t suck & was actually very good. I had the bar set a bit higher for More Friends and was not disappointed. The future of H!P looks to be brighter if more stuff like this is released.

Let’s hope that her third album has a more creative title because More More Friends would be pushing it.

More Friends Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

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More Friends Regular Edition (CD Only)

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