Mano Erina – Seishun no Serenade

Seisyun no Serenade / Erina Mano

Normal Edition

Seisyun no Serenade / Erina Mano

Jacket A

Seisyun no Serenade / Erina Mano

Jacket B

Single V "Seishun no Serenade" / Erina Mano

Single V

Release Date: January 26, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Seishun no Serenade
  2. 21 Seikiteki Renai Jijou
  3. Seishun no Serenade (Instrumental)


  1. Seishun no Serenade
  2. Seishun on Serenade (Close-up Version)
  3. Seishin no Serenade (Making of)



Seishun no Serenade is Erina Mano’s 9th single and the first single released from Hello! Project in 2011. ManoEri has come off a pretty good 2010 with her singles and album ,which was okay at best and not something that knocked it out of the park.

This single goes back to her roots of a slower, calm sound which was created when she became a soloist. It is a great song after Genkimono de Ikou kind of  like how rock bands follow up the “best” hits with a ballad.

However the song sounds like a wedding song after a while, meaning there is a lot of “La’s” and the lyrics get caught up with a storm of non-lyrical singing. While I know many would say that it would be fine, the problem is you either get lyrics or an instrument but at least a statement come out. Also, the chanting was quite amusing but I’m not a fan.

The PV was pretty much the same as the single until the sparkly words started to appear.  Also, a good touch was the MM posters in the background that appear throughout the video. The dancing is simple and catchy so it seems to be a good PV especially with her standards.

I love the upbeat b-side, 21 Seikiteki Renai Jijou.

Overall, this is a great single to start the year and I encourage many to buy it or at least watch the PV.


Mano Eri starts 2011 for Hello! Project with an up tempo track that sounds like it belongs in the recent catalog of C-ute songs. It’s quite the catchy song and it can also be comparable to  Mano’s own Lucky Aura or Haru no Arashi as well. Much like her 2010 output you can hear the massive improvement in her vocals. She continues to get stronger and is now a long way from her iffy post Ongaku Gatas debut days.

This is where Kuro & I disagree since I don’t really think this goes back to her calmer days as much. I would say this song is more restrained than Genkimono de Ikou instead. The repeated “La’s” don’t really distract as much to me and they work well as a sing-a-long type of hook. The b-side on the other hand is definitely closer to the craziness of her previous single and is equally as infectious.

As for the PV, well it starts off right with nice shot of Mano from behind. She looks pretty good in that red & white outfit. Don’t think of this as some sort of pervy thing, she’s obviously very attractive, I’m just pointing that out. Anyway if you look at her background dancers you can see there are eggs there. They’re not the eggs we’re used to seeing (S/mileage) but it’s nice to see that H!P isn’t wasting the many talented trainees they have in their stable.

The sparkled word thingy that went on during the break section of the song was kind of funny. Sure it didn’t fit within the entire context of the video but it was an unexpected surprise.

Overall I think this song is great and it gives hope that H!P is serious about getting back on track in 2011.

Seishun no Serenade (Normal Edition)

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Seishun no Serenade (Jacket A)

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Seishun no Serenade (Jacket B)

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Seishun on Serenade (Single V)

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