Maon Kurosaki – Harmonize Clover / After Glow Review


Release Date: August 19th, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Harmonize Clover
  2. After Glow
  3. Our Life is Our Song
  4. Harmonize Clover (Instrumental)
  5. After Glow (Instrumental)
  6. Our Life is Our Song (Instrumental)


With an impressively beautiful voice, Maon Kurosaki’s ninth single release Harmonize Clover / After Glow is certainly a pleasant listen that will not leave its audience disappointed once it has been played. With three songs to listen to, two of which were used as the ending themes for the anime Gakkou Gurashi!, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Each song from this single is great in its own right. After Glow is an especially nice track with its relaxing and immersive sound. Indeed, all three songs create a distinct atmosphere that is enjoyable. Maon Kurosaki as a singer truly puts her all into the tracks provided, delivering a spectacular performance whilst managing to give each song a personality of its own, setting each one apart from the other.

Kurosaki’s voice itself is wonderful, taking you in as a listener and painting a beautiful picture for each of the songs given to her. The instrumentals used compliment her vocals greatly, allowing for an enjoyable and memorable creation for many of her fans and newcomers.

As a whole, Harmonize Clover / After Glow contains a good amount of songs, each with its own distinct style that is complimented by the beauty of Kurosaki’s lovely voice. Whether you may be a new or old listener of Kurosaki’s work, her ninth single release is definitely one to check out for an easy, immersive listen.

Harmonize Clover/After Glow (Regular Edition)


Harmonize Clover/After Glow (Limited Edition)


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