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On July 1st Hello! Project’s breakout star Mano Erina will attending the premiere of her movie KAI-KI: Tales Of Terror exclusively at MAX 2010 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. She will also be conducting a Q&A and will be doing a mini-concert afterwards.

Selective Hearing was given the opportunity to talk to Mano Erina about her movie project and trip to Los Angeles.

How did you become involved with the KAI-KI: Tales of Terror movie? Were you approached to play the lead role or did you go through an audition process?

Mano Erina: 演技デビュー作もお世話になった丹羽プロデューサーからオファーをいただきました。
I received the offer from Producer Niwa, with whom I worked for my first acting experiences.

Did you watch the short films from the Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro series or any other horror/suspense movies or TV shows as part of your preparations for KAI-KI?

Mano Erina: 以前共演させていただいた大政絢ちゃん主演の「怪談新耳袋 下」を見ようとしましたが、あまりに怖すぎて始まって30分で断念してしまいました。
I wanted to see Aya Oomasa’s Tale of Terror, but it was too scary and I gave up after 30 minutes.

Do you feel your previous experience in TV (Pocky 4 Sisters, Tokyo Shoujo, Koisuru Seiza, Hanbun Esper, Berikyuu, and Yorosen!) made the transition into movies easier?
テレビでの自分の経験がこの作品に生かされましたか?例えば『Pocky 4 Sisters』, 『東京少女』、『恋する星座』、『半分エスパー』、『ベリキュー!』、『よろセン!』など

Mano Erina: なんでも積み重ねだと思っているので、色々演技の経験をさせていただいて、良かったです。
Yes. Everything comes to pass as the result of a series of smaller things put together, and in the same way my experiences with these shows helped me to really learn acting and prepare for a feature film.

Your schedule during filming must have been very busy. How did you balance your Hello! Project work with your film work?
Did you enjoy the movie making experience? Would you like to continue working in movies?
とても忙しかったと思いますが、どのようにしてハロー!プロジェクトの仕事と両立しましたか? 映画撮影の経験は楽しかったですか?映画出演の仕事を続けたいですか?

Mano Erina :コンサートもありましたが、撮影中は撮影しかなかったので、集中できました。 もちろん続けたいです。もっと色々なジャンルの作品に出演したいです。
Even though I had concerts before it, when filming I focused only on the movie so it ended up being pretty manageable. Of course I will continue! I am very eager to try out different kinds of genres.

Were you surprised when you found out you were going to Los Angeles for your movie premiere screening?

Mano Erina:  コンサートでサプライズで発表されました。最初は信じられなくて、気づいたら嬉しくて泣いていました!
I first learned about it when it was announced at my concert [by senpai Matsu’ura Aya]. I couldn’t believe it at first, and cried because I was so happy!

This trip to Los Angeles is your first opportunity to meet your Western fans. Have you talked with those who made the trips to Los Angeles last year (Morning Musume, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsunku) about their experiences?

Mano Erina:  モーニング娘。の高橋愛さんから、「よかったね!がんばってね!」と言っていただきました。
Ai Takahashi from Morning Musume told me ‘’that’s so great! Good luck!’’

Did they have anything to say about the enthusiasm of the Western fans when compared to the Japanese fans?

Mano Erina: その辺はお話していません。
Unfortunately, Ai did not talk much about it.

Do you plan to do any sightseeing while you are in Los Angeles? Will you be doing any blogging during that time?
ロサンゼルス滞在中、どこかに観光に行く予定はありますか? その期間中ブログを書く予定はありますか?

Mano Erina:  Blogもtwitterも更新します。ロケで色々案内していただく予定です。
I will definitely keep updating my blog and Twitter, and am looking forward to seeing the sites with new friends.

Are there any other countries that you would like to visit?

Mano Erina:  フィンランドに行って、サンタクロースに会いたいです!
Finland, because I want to see Santa Claus!

Thank you very much for this interview. Do you have any special messages for your fans outside of Japan?

Mano Erina:  海外でのお仕事が初めてなので、少し不安もありますが、1人でも多くの方々に真野恵里菜を知って応援していただきたいので、がんばります!皆さんも楽しみに待っていてください!
It will be the first time I’ve ever worked outside of Japan, so I am a little nervous. But I want people to encourage me, and will do my best not to disappoint!

I would like to thank Chase Wang for helping arrange this interview. I wish I could  have been in Los Angeles in person to conduct it but I’m very happy he was able to accommodate my request. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Up Front International and Mano Erina for taking the time to answer my questions.

Remember, if you’re in the Los Angeles area on July 1st, check out MAX 2010!