May J. – Baby Girl

Baby Girl Album Cover

Track Listing

  1. DO tha’ DO tha’
  3. DESTINATION (D.O.I. Hip Hop Mix) feat.TARO SOUL
  4. Dear…
  5. why why why…
  6. Baila Conmigo
  7. HERE WE GO feat.VERBAL(m-flo)
  8. YOU
  9. Jealous Girl
  10. Baby Eyes (DJ WATARAI Remix) feat.KEN-U
  11. Feel the Sunshine
  12. Don’t worry dear my boy
  13. My Way, Your Way
  14. LOVE BLOSSOM (FPM house mix)


Note: I did a review of this album many moons ago but it was long winded & boring, so I took it down until I could think of saying something more concise. The following is a much shorter version of my original review.

May J. is an artist signed to the Sony Music Japan label. Most of her music is within the Hip-Hop influenced side of R&B. She also has a few pop songs which are (not surprisingly) ballads. Baby Girl is her first full length album & it contains several previously released singles. (DO tha’ DO tha’, Dear… & Here We Go)  The album tracks that stood out for me were the D.O.I. Hip-Hop Mix of Destination, why why why…, YOU & the DJ Watari Remix of Baby Eyes. I’m paticularly fond of why why why… just because it has such a simple beat but manages to keep you hooked throughout. This is the kind of track that could be ruined by an unnecessary guest rapper & thankfully that didn’t happen.

YOU comes in a close second. I think it’s the strongest of the 3 ballads on the album. I found it rather soothing but not in a boring way. The last track to take note of is the FPM House Mix of Love Blossom. Unlike most tacked on House mixes on albums, this is a full length mix. I found that to be a nice touch. This paticular mix isn’t my flavor of House though. It’s a little too poppy for my liking but I added it to my SSL record box anyway.

Normally I’m wary of any R&B albums. Most tend to wear out their welcome quickly, but this is an exception. There’s some quality material here.

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