Meisa Kuroki – Wired Life

Meisa Kuroki - Wired Life

Release Date: August 31, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Wired Life
  2. Wired Life (No Escape Remix)
  3. Wired Life (アニメサイズ Version)
  4. Wired Life (Instrumental)


Meisa Kuroki is a Japanese model/actress/singer signed to Sony Music Japan. Wired Life is her 5th single and is the ending theme for the Ao no Exorcist and is the 2nd single from her upcoming 2nd studio album.

This song reminds me a lot of the experimental dance sound that both Hikaru Utada and Namie Amuro have tried. If you didn’t like Exodus, Ultra Blue or Past > Future you might not like Kuroki’s similar take. I find her attempt here closer to Namie than Utada to be honest.

Wired Life is the only song available on this package and it comes in 3 flavors. The original version is probably the most ear friendly. It’s got a moody, cold electronic feel during the verses while the chorus ramps up the energy to something a little more pop dance-like. Kuroki’s vocals are slightly effected to sound sort of robotic but it’s nothing distracting like say a total auto-tune job.

The No Escape Remix drops a lot of the pop elements and just sticks with cold and moody. That is accentuated by excerpts from the Ao no Exorcist anime, dramatic key stabs, strings and random electronic noises. The last mix is the Anime Size version which is starts with a pretty piano arrangement before breaking into the 1st verse and chorus. It’s really short and I think it would have been better off as just a piano instrumental interpretation instead.

Overall Wired Life is decent bit of  Dance Pop with slight influences of Electronica. It’s not hardcore Electro Pop that you’re going to get from K-Pop groups or the plethora of Capsule produced artists. If that’s what you thought you’re going to end up disappointed.

But if you’re a fan of Meisa Kuroki or are craving for something less commercial than the average J-Pop starlet offers then Wired Life is a good track to go with.

Wired Life (Regular Edition)

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Wired Life (Limited Edition)

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