Melon’s Dead

Contrary to what their last album is titled (Melon’s Not Dead), Melon Kinenbi is dead. I guess 10 years of being unappreciated and underutilized was enough huh? And really, it’s a shame that this group is disbanding. They were the only stable unit in H!P never having any lineup changes during their tenure. An accomplishment that no group will probably be able to lay claim to.

Let’s be honest here, they never really had a large fan base. Perhaps because they were older and not loli jail bait like many of their more popular peers in H!P. Hey! Don’t get upset, I’m just calling it as I see it. Loli jailbait > Melon Kinenbi is one of the observations I have made during my time as an H!P fan.

Anyway, individually none of them were really solo artist material but as a group they were solid. They had established their own sound that set them apart from the rest of H!P. They have their fair share of pop songs but for the most part they were the rock chicks. Well I guess as rock as you could get without infringing on Buono! territory or losing what little audience they had, but they were still the alternative to the pop sound that dominates UFA acts.

Hearing about them calling it quits sucks because Melon Kinenbi has a special place in my H!P fandom. They were one of the first groups I got into outside of Morning Musume and it was mainly because of that fine ass Megumi Murata. Her appearances on Hello! Morning’s Hello! Pro News pretty much got me hooked. With or without glasses that woman is gorgeous.

Um.. Where was I? Oh… Yeah. Sadness that I won’t be getting my Murata eye candy fix or any more new Melon Kinenbi songs. It’s nice to know that a collection of their b-sides (Ura Melon) will be released before the group officially rides off into the sunset. We few Melon Kinenbi fans can at least be comforted in the fact they went out on their own terms instead of some lame duck reason like “foot problems” or “modeling”.

Best of luck in your future endeavors ladies, thanks for the 10 years of awesomeness.

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