Miss A – Step Up

Miss A Step Up

Release Date: September 30, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Step Up
  2. Breathe
  3. 멍하니 (Dumbfounded)
  4. 그 음악을 틀어줘요 (Turn On That Music DJ)


Miss A return with their 2nd single Step Up and they continue their trend of not conforming to the current Electro K-Pop sound. This time around their songs have less of an attitude and are much more pop oriented.

The catchy a-side Step Up shows off the lighter side of this group and it’s not all about being sexy bitches. The song itself gives off a summer song kind of vibe with its bouncy R&B club groove and somewhat chant like chorus that repeats their group name.

As for the b-sides Breathe picks up where Step Up leaves off but goes into a bit of dancehall territory. The song isn’t the strongest in this package but the heavy breathing during the chorus was hot.

Turn On That Music DJ sounds like it could have been a candidate for a-side status. It’s a dance track that from what I can gather is an ode to those who work the decks. It’s a winner for me just for that alone.

It’s similar to Love Again from their Bad But Good single but not as overly sugary pop-like. The real surprise is that there’s a ballad here in the form of Dumfounded. Much like other recent K-Pop girl groups Miss A has to prove that they too can do something other than radio friendly party songs.

It’s not bad. Sure it fits into the typical weepy pop ballad kind of mold but they sounded good. I was hoping for something more challenging like what the Brown Eyed Girls get for ballads, perhaps in the future maybe.

This was a fairly solid follow up to Bad But Good. Some were probably expecting more of the same from this group so it was definitely a pleasant surprise to hear them go in a different direction.

Step Up

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