Miyabayashi Ami – Take Off Review

Track Listing

  1. Take Off
  2. Aruiteku
  3. Just Call My Name (Short Ver.)


Miyabayashi Ami

Okay, so here’s the story of how I got a hold of this. On the evening of October 22nd I was walking to the AKB48 Cafe with the rest of the Japan 4 and we stopped to watch a street performer by the name of Miyabayashi Ami who happened to be doing her thing in the area around the cafe.

We caught the tail end of her set and after she finished she personally handed us CDs and some promotional materials. Based on the songs on this disc her sound is entrenched in the pop/adult contemporary genre. The closest reference I can think of for a comparison is Angela Aki.

The two full length tracks on this promo are Take Off and Aruiteku. The former is a catchy mid-tempo track while the latter is a straight up ballad. Both feature the piano as the main instrumental driving force. The third track is a preview of her upcoming single (release date December 4, 2013), which was one of the last songs we heard in her set.

I have to say after seeing her briefly live and listing to this CD I am intrigued. She does have some impressive vocals and her songs do have the potential to reach out to a wide variety of listeners.

It’s a shame we couldn’t stick around for her entire street set, and also missed out on the opportunity to attend one of her live house shows. (We were Osaka when she was doing her live house gigs) It would have been nice to get a stronger idea of what she’s about.

But this was a good start. When her 1st single Call My Name comes out next month give it a shot.

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