Momoiro Clover Z – Neo STARGATE PV

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Momoiro Clover Z’s video for Neo STARGATE was recently released on YouTube. This appears to be the lead track from their highly anticipated second full-length album 5th Dimension (release date of April 10. Mark that on your calendars people) which is plastered in the top right hand corner so you don’t forget.

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The video starts of with a wide angle shot of 5 pods and an old Japanese scientist and his two foreigner assistants marveling at their work. As they discuss their miracles of technology the camera zooms in to show the members of the group in stasis.

Neo Stargate-00011

Neo Stargate-00007

What is instantly noticeable in these early shots is that the lead scientist’s hair is an epic afro that we should all aspire to grow. Second, the foreigners in the video speak way better Japanese than I do. (That isn’t really hard to accomplish)

Neo Stargate-00004

Neo Stargate-00013

Moving on, the girls are juiced up and awaken from their slumber to perform a bit of choreography. Where the scientists went? Who knows? Anyway, this is all standard idol music video fare and really not much to get excited about to be honest.

Neo Stargate-00016

Neo Stargate-00017

Once they hit the break in the song things get all strange and the members transform into what I can only describe as a luchador ballerinas? Or maybe they are some sort of play off of Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies?

Neo Stargate-00018

After the point of transformation I just ended up becoming confused as to what was going on. I was also left wondering how any of them could see what they were doing. There didn’t appear to be any eyeholes in those masks.

Neo Stargate-00020

Perhaps this video was meant to make one think and wonder about our existence in the universe. Are we all created by an intelligent higher being for a specific purpose?

Neo Stargate-00022

Neo Stargate-00024

Or maybe Momoiro Clover Z are just fucking with all of us by putting out an artsy video with special effects. At least the ones here are tastefully done & don’t look like an Adobe product demo gone wild with sparkles and after effects.


Neo Stargate-00025

Neo Stargate-00026

So while this may not be as cool or insane as the whole space pirate thing and lacks giant bazookas and explosions; Neo STARGATE does manage to capture ones attention for the entirety of the video. Perhaps try not to think too hard about the visuals though. Your head may explode from trying to makes sense of it all.

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    • I’ve been watching this over and over and still can’t figure out what’s going on. If you can find out what the plot is I’m interested in your interpretation.

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