To celebrate the 20th anniversary from their indie CD debut, Hello! Project’s Morning Musume。announced the release of a remake of their first indie single, Ai no Tane, which will be sung by Morning Musume。’17 and Morning Musume。’s first generation members.

Morning Musume。’17 - Artist Photo ©UP-FRONT PROMOTION Co

Morning Musume。 celebrated their 20th anniversary on September 14th, 2017. On November 3rd, 1997, the group had released their first indie single Ai no Tane. In order to make a major label debut, they were given the challenge to sell 50 thousand copies in five days. They successfully reached their goal, which led to their major debut, and subsequently to their success today.

All five of the original members will be singing in the single. First generation leader Yuko Nakazawa commented:

Twenty years ago on November 3rd, Morning Musume。 released their first indie single, Ai no Tane. Morning Musume。 from twenty years ago and Morning Musume。’17 twenty years later will sing a new Ai no Tane, which started Morning Musume。. Morning Musume。 was able to continue on to their 20th year because of all of the fans over the years. Thank you!

Aya Ishiguro stated:

I was very surprised and happy when I first learned of this! Ai no Tane is a song all five of us are very attached to, so I am extremely happy to be able to sing this song with the current members. We’d like to thank all of our fans over the past twenty years!

Kaori Iida commented:

Since the year Morning Musume。 formed, every year, November always reminded me of Ai no Tane. It’s been twenty years, but the memories of the time still are with me very strongly. We’ve all grown up and we’re able to express Ai no Tane differently. I actually recorded a month after I gave birth, so it will have my motherly feelings too. (laugh)

Natsumi Abe reflected:

20 years since Ai no Tane was released.. It makes me think a lot of the past twenty years. I was able to sing with newfound feelings while reflecting and feeling nostalgic of the time back then.

Asuka Fukuda said:

Congratulations to the 20th anniversary of Morning Musume。! I’m very honored to be a part of this collaboration. It was the first time in 18 years that all of the first generation got together at the music video shoot, but strangely enough, everything felt like it was back then. The song features the energetic voices of the current members along with the 2017 sound; it was so interesting and very fun to be a part of this.

Regarding the collaboration, current Morning Musume。’17 leader Mizuki Fukumura commented:

This song started Morning Musume。, and it’s the reason why we are still active today. I sang this song with the gratefulness to our senpai’s and everyone who has supported us over the years. I still can’t believe this collaboration between the first generation members and Morning Musume。’17! I hope everyone listens to this song a lot!

Morning Musume Ai no Tane 20th Anniversary Ed.

Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.) will be available digitally from November 3rd 10:30am Japan time.

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