Morning Musume ’14 To Hold Solo Concert in New York

If you have not heard this news you have most likely been asleep, living under a rock or ignoring every J-Pop website and/or social media.  But for those not in the know, Hello! Project’s flagship group are coming to America.

I bet some of you hardcore H!P wota woke up and screamed out your window like Eddie Murphy (in the movie of the same name) in joy.


According to the post on UP-FRONT’s Facebook page the details of the upcoming event are scarce, but it’s enough to get people planning their trip to New York early.

Title: Morning Musume。’14 Live Concert in New York
Date: 5th October 2014 15:00 OPEN / 16:00 START
Place: Best Buy Theater (1515 Broadway at W. 44th St. New York, NY 10036)
Tickets: $42 / VIP $100 (PASS to enter in priority with signs + CD)
Sale Date: TBA

And that is all we have for now.  Obviously the thing that everyone is interested in is the VIP pass. So far it only gets you priority entrance with signs (assuming that is an autograph?) and a CD.  VIP is also highly likely to be in limited numbers so it may be a matter of timing in regards to whether you can snag one or not.

Still, $100 for VIP is pretty decent considering that you could be paying a lot more for more local North American pop acts.  The regular price is actually reasonable as well. $42? That’s a bargain.  Bear in mind that the Best Buy Theater only has a seating capacity of 2100 people so even the regular tickets are going to be hard to come across given the number of fans who want to attend this concert.

Prepare for war is all I can say. Not only do you have compete with your fellow North Americans but maybe the motherland and overseas fans as well if this is opened up globally. More details to come once UP-FRONT announces them.


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