Morning Musume ’17 – BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy Review

Morning Musume BRAND NEW MORNING CD Cover

Release Date: March 8, 2017

Track Listing

Limited and Regular Edition

  2. Jealousy Jealousy
  3. BRAND NEW MORNING (Instrumental)
  4. Jealousy Jealousy (Instrumental)

Special Edition

  2. Jealousy Jealousy
  3. Morning Misoshiru
  4. Get you! (Sashining Musume)
  5. BRAND NEW MORNING (Instrumental)
  6. Jealousy Jealousy (Instrumental)


BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy is the 63rd single release from Morning Musume and the first release under the Morning Musume ’17 name. It also marks the debut of the 13th generation members Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina.

BRAND NEW MORNING is a song that celebrates Morning Musume’s 20th anniversary and marks a new era for Hello! Project’s flagship group. There is a more of an aggressive undertone to the song, which is something that isn’t normally associated with Morning Musume.

The lyrics to the song also seem to follow suit focusing more on delivering a message of a envisioning a brighter future and the dawn of a new generation.

Jealousy Jealousy moves away from the Electro Musume sound of BRAND NEW MORNING for a more organic sounding four on the floor type of sound that was done more often during the platinum era of the group.

This song includes some rapping breakdowns and unlike other idol groups (Hi AKB48) these are not embarrassingly bad. It sounds like some actual effort was put into at least sounding convincing in their rhyme spitting.

The b-sides on this single include a cover of Morning Musume’s 1998 single Morning Coffee renamed Morning Misoshiru and the collaboration with HKT48/STU48 member Sashihara Rino called Get You!

I covered Get You! in my review of AKB48’s Thumbnail album. Basically the song is pretty good if you can focus more on Morning Musume and try to tolerate Sashihara’s terrible vocals. The more interesting song is Morning Misoshiru. This is a tie-in for Marukome’s miso soup of the same name. This takes the current generation back to when Morning Musume were more of an actual vocal group rather than the idol machine you see today.

It’s actually nice to hear the current group do this kind of material every once in a while. It’s a bit of a refreshing break from the typical modern Morning Musume song.

Overall this is a fairly solid single package and a good start to the year for the ’17 edition of Hello! Project’s flagship group. I would recommend going with the Special Edition of this single as you get all the b-sides in one convenient CD. Either way you’re saving yourself some cash. That is unless you are one of those must collect everything types. Then just go HAM and get every edition.

BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy (Regular Edition A)

BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy (Regular Edition B)

BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy (Limited Edition A)

BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy (Limited Edition B)

BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy (Special Edition)

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