Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Spring – Platinum 9 Disco –

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Haru - Platinum 9 Disco - / Morning Musume

Track Listing

  1. Opening
  2. Songs
  3. Nai Chau Kamo
  4. VTR (Member Introduction)
  5. Mikan
  6. MC
  7. Shouganai Yumeoibito
  8. Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu
  9. Kataomoi no Owari ni
  10. MC
  11. Fine Emotion
  12. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizikanai Donkan na Hito
  13. Yowamushi
  14. It’s You
  15. MC
  16. Disco Medley
  17. MC
  18. Kosui
  19. The Bigaku
  20. MC
  21. Yume Kara Samete
  22. Take Off Is Now!
  23. Guruguru Jump
  24. How Do You Like Japan?
  25. Resonant Blue
  26. MC
  27. Love & Peace!
  28. Sonoba de Bibicha Ikenaijan
  29. MC
  30. Ame no Furunai Hoshi Dewa Aisenai Darou?


This was the final leg of Morning Musume’s Spring concerts & was filmed at Tokyo’s Kouseinen Kinkaikan on May 10th.  It features many songs from their Platinum 9 Disc CD, along with their (at the time) more recent singles & a medley of their past hits.

I have friends who made the trip to Japan to see this series of concerts & they had nothing but positive reviews after seeing the show(s).  Now that this DVD has been released I can finally see what they were talking about.

Yeah, I got a little taste with the Anime Expo concert, but that was rather scaled down in comparison to this.  But at least I can speak a little from my own experience now having actually attended that concert when relating to this one.

P9D Concert - Opening 00

P9D Concert - Opening 02

Anyway… I do have one observation I’d like to make before I get into the actual show itself & that has to do with the crowd.  In my previous reviews of J-Pop concerts I usually made some sort of snide or humorous remarks in regards to the behavior of those in the crowd.

P9D Concert - Wota

When I was an outsider to the concert experience I never really understood the whole glow stick  &/or chanting thing.  As fun as it looked, it also looked very stupid to me.  Well… Until I did it myself & now I can longer mock the crowd in my reviews because I’ve become one of those people I once laughed at.

Oh well… If you do happen to make it to a concert of this nature I highly recommend just joining in the fun & not being a stiff. =)

Okay…  With that out of the way on to the actual concert itself.  The stage looked pretty kick ass & the venue looked fairly big.  Although I can’t be entirely sure about that last part since I couldn’t find any concrete information about the venue itself.  But it looked like there were a lot of people crammed in there.

P9D Concert - Songs 00

P9D Concert - Sayumi 00

The show started off with Songs.  It had a bit of an extended intro that I thought was pretty sweet.  A perfect opener as far as I’m concerned.  If you look at the track listing you’ll see that there aren’t many mid or low tempo songs (with a few exceptions).

The majority of the tracks fall within the high energy type of songs so it makes sense that this was the starter.  Then a short strings & piano intro (very nice) into Nai Chau Kamo.  I actually wouldn’t mind hearing a stripped down version of Nai Chau Kamo using just classical instruments, I think it would sound great.

Anyway, those two songs were a  nice one-two punch (so to speak) to get the crowd all hyped up.  From what I could see it worked.  Although I figure it isn’t that hard to do that no matter what song started the set.  =)

I noticed the VTR screens for this were the same ones used at  Anime Expo, it was nice to see them again (& to know there was some consistency between this show & the one in America).

P9D Concert - VTR

P9D Conert - Koharu 00

After that something rather unique to my ears.  Was that a Drum & Bass/Breaks type intro I heard for Mikan? No… It couldn’t be.  But it was.

Now that’s an interesting concept in itself.  I didn’t think that Mikan would actually sound good over that kind of production but apparently it does.  Well the first few notes of it anyway.  I’m not sure about the entire song but I could see it being compatible.

Sorry, I went off topic a bit.  Anyway, I have stated that I don’t exactly like this song unless it’s done in concert.  There’s just something about it makes it so much better when you see it being done live, something that the recorded version lacks.

P9D Concert - Shouganai Yumeoibito

Shouganai Yumeoibito is a great track & is my second favorite of their recent releases.  What I liked about this performance was that the verses were partially sung by two people together.  The girls definitely know how to harmonize. I didn’t hear any bad flat notes or mistimed words of any sort.

Yes, part of that may have been due to a backing track playing, but if you listen carefully (& over the loud chanting from the crowd) you do notice some nice bits of vocal work.  The harmonizing is probably more evident near the end of the song than the beginning.  Just a note for those of you who don’t actually pay attention to this kind of stuff. =)

P9D Concert - Jonetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu 07

Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu is the first of the top 3 performances of the concert for me.  Hence all the snapshots.  Really, how can you possibly go with the 3 (in my opinion) strongest voices in the group?  On top of that they’re singing an actual R&B flavored song which makes this even better.

P9D Concert - Jonetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu 04

Before the 3 girls came out I could see a stage hand placing a chair in the middle of the stage.  I was wondering what the deal was with the chair & I soon found out.  This was kind of like Perfume’s Take Me Take Me performance except all three girls are using the same chair.  Much like with Perfume I wished I was that lucky chair.  Seriously.  Wouldn’t you?  Just as a side note, I’d like to say that I think Gaki-san looked incredibly fucking hot throughout this song.   That is all.

P9D Concert - Jonetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu 03

P9D Concert - Jonetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu 02

P9D Concert - Jonetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu 06

I loved this song when I first heard it & I still do to this day.  I still think it would be epic if a sub-group of Ai, Risa & Reina were formed, even if it were temporarily.  They just sound & look so good together.  If they were to sing more songs like this (and Take Off Is Now!) I would scoop up whatever crazy number of editions of their CDs UFA can think of putting out.

P9D Concert - Yowamushi

Yowamushi is another R&B flavored song originally sung by Risa & Sayumi (Why Sayu wasn’t included I would discover shortly).  While it was strange not hearing Sayu’s vocals the song actually sounded better without her.  Not that I have anything against Sayu, it’s just that Risa  has a the kind of voice that more naturally flows with this kind of music.  Either way, the beat itself is hot & I would love to get a hold of the instrumental version.

P9D Concert - It's You 00

It’s You was next up on the set list which is why Sayu was absent from Yowamushi.  In my Platinum 9 Disc review I said I didn’t like this song that much but appreciated the effort put forth by Sayu.  This performance has changed my mind about that now.  Yes the cheesy English intro was still present (she didn’t actually say it, it was part of the backing track) but the rest of the vocals were live.  She sounded just as sexy as she did on the recorded version.  Already a plus for me.  And she looked pretty damn hot in that red dress.  Whoo!

P9D Concert - It's You 04

What I had imagined this performance to be was something similar to Maki Goto’s Some Boys! Touch.  You know, writhing aroundon the ground, doing various stripper type moves as part of the dance repetoire.  Well there was writhing on the ground but it was done by the background dancers (Ai & Eri) which I didn’t mind at all.  No stripper moves but there were enough gyrations & such to keep me happy.  Thumbs up.

P9D Concert - Disco Medley 00

The Disco Medley is my 2nd of my top 3 performance of this concert for many reasons.  There were some interesting reworkings of classic Morning Musume songs.

The best being the section going from Renai Revolution 21 to Sexy Boy to The Manpower.  There were some really nice transitions between those songs.  The intro for Sexy Boy had a kind of jazzy disco groove of going on until it went into the original track.

The mix between Sexy Boy & The Manpower is something you would expect to hear in a mash-up kind of remix.  Very well done.  The Manpower isn’t exactly the same without Yossy doing the power vocals with Ai-chan (Risa is just as good at them) but I still liked it.  That & the little bits of Sexy Boy that were mixed in near the end of the song were sweet.

Disco Medley

Speaking of sweet.  The Lin Lin solo during this performance was incredible.  You get a small hint of what she’s capable of in Ame no Furunai Hoshi Dewa Aisenai Darou? but this was a whole different level of awesomness. You put her out front & damn, that girl can sing.   It was an impressive display of her vocal abilities.

The Bigaku

I had heard that Reina had covered one of Aya Matsuura’s tracks during these concerts.  The Bigaku was a good choice for her & she put on a spirited performance.  Maybe too spirited as it sounded like she was a bit winded during some parts of the song.  But hey, Reina + Hip Thrusting = Total Win.

Take Off Is Now

Take Off Is Now is the third of the top 3 performances.  Again the combination of Ai, Risa & Reina kicked ass (while bringing the sexy) all over the stage.  The dance intros & the milking of the crowd at the beginning were nice touches.  Gotta love that loud chanting.

Take Off Is Now

Take Off Is Now

This was much more polished than the Resonant Live version & the outfits definitely were better for some of the more suggestive dance moves that were required for this song.  I was kinda of disappointed that the ending was a cold stop, but not that disappointed.  Great stuff while it lasted.

Other notes:

– Normally I have some complaint about Koharu’svocals but to be honest I have absolutely none.  She sounded really good & I just don’t have the heart to even attempt to bash her vocals like I did before. Not after seeing her at AX.  Sorry to those who enjoyed my little quips about her singing but those days are now over.  It’s Koha love from now on… Unless she manages to make my ears bleed somehow. =)

– Speaking of Koha, I want to congratulate whoever assigned her that giant sombrero during Sonoba de Bibicha Ikenaijan.  That was awesome to see.

– I noticed that Kamei has toned down that vibrato she has in her voice.  I don’t dig her solo song that much but she was still fun to watch.

– Ame no Furunai Hoshi Dewa Aisenai Darou? was a great way to end the concert.  Normally I have a thing against using ballads as closers (does it make sense to send the crowd home with a ballad?)  but I have much love for that track.  Mostly due to Lin Lin whooping ass during her verse.  I have gained much appreciation for her through Morning Musume’s appearance at AX & by watching this concert.

Overall this was another great concert DVD from Morning  Musume.  The pacing of the show (much like Resonant Live) was perfect.  I didn’t even notice 2 hours had gone by when I finished watching this.

I get what my friends were talking about.  Now I want to go to back to Japan so I can see their full stage show in person too.

Highly recommended viewing.

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