Morning Musume – Cover You

Cover You / Morning Musume

Track Listing

  1. Nagisa no Sinbad (Pink Lady)
  2. Dou ni mo Tomaranai (Yamamoto Linda)
  3. Izakaya (Itsuki Hiroshi & Kinomi Nana)
  4. Pepper Keibu [Album Version] (Pink Lady)
  5. Shiroi Chou no Samba (Moriyama Kayoko)
  6. Seishun Jidai  (Morita Kouchi & Top Gyaran)
  7. Ringo Satsujin Jiken (Gou Hiromi & Kiki Kirin)
  8. Romance [Album Version] (Iwasaki Hiromi)
  9. Machi no Akari (Sakai Masaaki)
  10. Koi no Dial 6700 (Finger 5)
  11. Pinpon Pan Taisou (Suginami child chorus & Kanamori Jou)
  12. Watashi no Aoi Tori (Sakurada Junko)
  13. Jonii e no Dengon (Pedro & Capri Shasu)
  14. UFO (Pink Lady)


This is a special cover album that was released on November 26, 2008 & is a tribute to songwriter Aku Yuu. I’m going to be honest & say that outside of the Pink Lady songs I’ve never heard any of these tracks in their original form.

I went into this with low expectations (& very little reference material) & found this to be a surprisingly decent listen. Outside of the Pink Lady songs I have no idea ow old some of these songs are. Based on what I heard good songwriting is timeless & it’s rather pointless to even care about when the song was originally recorded.

2 songs were on this album were previously released (Pepper Keibu & Romance). Both are great tracks although I prefer Romance because I feel the vocals on that track are stronger. Other songs that are worth checking out are Izakaya, Shiroi Chou no Samba, Machi no Akari & Watashi no Aoi Tori

Izakaya oozes Takahashi awesomeness. Really, is there anything she can’t sing? Anyway, the song is a duet with Itsuki Hiroshi & is very Enka-like. Some may not dig it because of that fact, but the track is pretty catchy.  Shiroi Chou no Samba is funky mid-tempo track. I really like the clav keyboard work & vocals. Machi no Akari features a strong vocal performance from Niigaki Risa. I always thought her voice was nice, but damn. What a showing on that song. Watashi no Aoi Tori is a sweet ballad with some very nice string & piano work, not to mention some lush vocals. It’s a great track to sit back & relax to.

Although many would have preferred a new album, this is a perfectly fine substitute until one arrives.

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