Morning Musume – Nai Chau Kamo

Naichau Kamo / Morning Musume

This is Morning Musume’s 38th single which is (thankfully) not a cover song.  It’s an upbeat track with hints of Osaka Koi no Uta in it.  There are some recycled sounds used from that song for this track.  In particular the synths used for the melody & rhythm section.  Those are so Osaka KNU it isn’t even funny.

But that does bring an air of familiarity to the song so it’s not exactly a complaint,  just something I noticed.  This definitely sounds like a continuation of the more mature sound of songs like Resonant Blue & Egao YES Nude.  The hook with the repetition of “Kamo” at the end of the chorus is very attention grabbing and easy to sing along to.

The video is a standard dance shot & close up one with a bit of soaking wet (& transparent) musume.  The rain shots are the best parts of the video I think.  It gives the group a chance to try out their sad, pouty faces (the song is called I Might Cry after all).  Some were more successful than others in getting the point across.  I thought Takahashi & Jun Jun were best at doing that.

Speaking of Jun Jun (& I hope I’m not alone here),  I thought she looked incredibly hot throughout this video.

Anyway… This is a great track, even if parts of it sound recycled.

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