Morning Musume – Nanchatte Renai

Nanchatte Renai (なんちゃって恋愛) is Morning Musume’s 40th single.  It has a very similar sound to their previous single Shouganai Yumeoibito, which makes me wonder if this was recorded at the same as that song.  I could probably pick out which instruments were used in both tracks but I’m not going to be that picky about similarities.  I did find the tone of this song to be similar to SYO but with the melancholy dropped down a couple of notches.

The line distribution seemed to be fairly even for this song.  I was surprised to hear Kusumi in the first verse following Takahashi, but she sounded really good (I can no longer bash Koha like I once did, not after AX).  Then another surprise in the second verse with Michishige doing the follow up lines.  She also sounded good & it’s nice to know she’s getting a bit more vocal time for the improvements she’s made.  Honestly, it was refreshing to hear a few different voices doing lead.

What was also refreshing (& somewhat strange) were the short rapping bits before chorus.  It’s been a while since I heard something like that in any H!P song so it was a little unnerving at first, but I got used to it after repeated listens.

I think this a great song & is definitely another proper step away from hyper genki-pop (not that there’s anything wrong with that) to a more mature sound similar to some of the old school Musume songs.  Well not exactly like those, but something more along the lines of more accessible to those who are not H!P fans in general.

As for the video.  Um… Compared to the last two where there was some sort of plot to follow, this goes back to the old dance shot, close-up formula.  I’m not complaining because there was definitely enough eye candy to keep me interested.  All I can say is…

Takahashi Nanchatte Renai


Um… Anyway… Where was I?

Yeah… Others I noticed in the video were Koharu & Sayumi.  Not only for their more up front roles in the song but because they looked damn good, especially Koharu.  Second was Reina, where again, her hair was down for this video.  I gotta say I’m starting to like that look on her.  Lastly I noticed Risa because with that haircut she looks a hell of a lot like my cousin.

But also because I kind of get what people have been saying about her looking kind of thinner than usual.  But yeah, she could probably use a cheeseburger or two but she still looked good to me.

The dance formations also caught my eye.  When I was looking at how that worked it reminded me of EXILE where the vocalist(s) would be in the center while everyone else danced around them.  Normally I don’t even comment on that kind of stuff but I kind of found it interesting.  Outside of what I mentioned the video is kinda meh…  But the song more than makes up for it.

To commemorate their 40th single there will be 4 versions released.

MM Nanchatte Renai Regular Edition

Regular Edition

MM Nanchatte Renai Limited Edition A

Limited Edition A

MM Nanchatte Renai Limited Edition B

Limited Edition B

Track Listing

  1. Nanchatte Renai
  2. Aki Urara
  3. Nanchatte Renai (Instrumental)

Track list for all 3 versions are the same. Limited versions come with a DVD.

MM Nanchatte Renai Commerative Edition

Commemorative Edition

Track Listing

  1. Nanchatte Renai
  2. Subete wa Ai no Chikara
  3. Nanchatte Renai (Instrumental)

This version comes with a different b-side unique to this package.

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