Morning Musume – One Two Three PV

The full video for Morning Musume’s One Two Three was recently released on their YouTube channel and it was just as I had predicted in my review of the dance shot version. Close-ups and the like intertwined with all the dancing.

Dismissing the opinion of the zombified Hello! Project Kool-Aid drinkers; reaction to this from around the ‘net has been mixed at best. Obviously I no longer expect anything grandiose or epic from Morning Musume; that ship has long since sailed.

What I do expect is something worth wasting 4 or so minutes of my life on and in this case, this video is somewhat watchable.

As was described by a few of my fellow Hello! Project following friends on Twitter, One Two Three is full of sparkles and lens flare. It’s kind of similar to the video for Only You without the floating crystals in the sky.

In a way the video can be blinding but you know what? There are no chicken suits so that’s pretty damn close to an automatic pass for me. What you do get are the skirts, bustier tops and knee high stockings we saw in the dance shot. With the close-ups added to the video we can see the wonders of make-up.

Some of these girls look way older than they actually are and for the most part it works. I’ll be damned if I can name most of the 9th generation members (The 10th gen I know.) but some of them look really good all dolled up while others still look like little girls who played with mommy’s (or daddy’s – that whole metro sexual thing) make up bag.

The 10th generation fares better so good on them for being able to pull off the jail bait look that makes wota feel all strange and funny in their pants.

In the end this was still pretty much a run of the mill deal and not exactly an extravaganza of awesomeness one would expect for the video of Morning Musume’s 50th single. Then again, all the cool stuff was for when Takahashi Ai left right?


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  1. When has Momusu ever produced “grandiose or epic” PVs?

    They’ve never done things on an AKB-level budget.  Even when they were huge.  

    I’m not a big fan of this MV, but at least they used a decent camera and actually tried some creative editing for once.   Too bad about all the cheap sparkly effects though.

    • Okay. Perhaps grandiose & epic are a little too optimistic. “Interesting” would be a better word to use. Videos like Love Machine, Mr. Moonlight & I Wish were definitely not blockbuster productions but they were at least fun to watch.

      I probably won’t give this a 2nd thought after watching it once already.

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