Morning Musume – Pepper Keibu

Pepper Keibu / Morning Musume
モーニング娘。 – ペッパー警部

Morning Musume’s 37th single is a cover of Pink Lady’s Pepper Keibu. I never heard of Pink Lady ever so I had to go out & find their music so I had some point of reference for this article. Now that I’ve done that it’s time for my thoughts on this song.

This is very faithful to the original version. There a couple of arrangement changes to accommodate more than 2 people singing the song but nothing extremely different. This track starts off with a soft keyboard intro that transitions into beats that sound like a carbon copy of the original song. When the 1st verse kicks in everything changes & the production is brought into the modern era with the most familiar elements of the original kept intact. What I like most about the this song is the break near the end. It goes off into a sweet House groove. I really liked that & the filtered vocals were also a nice touch. Too bad there isn’t a remix that had that kind of vibe to it. This song is perfect for such a re-working.

Anyway, back on topic. I’m not one to bitch about line distribution. I could really care less, as long as my ears don’t start bleeding when someone opens their mouth to sing. There are no such moments on this track & for the record, line distribution in this is mostly even throughout. Except for the couple of solo’s that Tanaka gets. But she can at least sing well, imagine if Kusumi got the solo’s instead? It hurts just thinking about it. I’m also happy that Michishige isn’t yelling in this song & actually gets to sing.

The video is a standard dance shot one. Nothing special, they all look good & Kamei looks especially yummy. Just saying. I think this is a great song & I’ll end up racking up more credit card debt by buying all 3 versions of the release. It’ll be totally worth it though.

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