Morning Musume – Pyoko Pyoko Ultra PV

The full video for Morning Musume’s Pyoko Pyoko Ultra has been released & it’s probably going to cause a divide between fans.

There will be those who will completely adore the childish cuteness & blinding yellow hue, praising the group unconditionally and there will be those who will be screaming, “What is this shit?” as they inch closer to writing Momusu off for good.

Granted this was expected with the average age of the group dipping ever lower towards single digits. There’s not much one can do with this current generation of Momusu but give them stupid gimmicks like chicken/duck suits & the like until the younger members mature.

Well I guess there’s always cacti & giant kana to fall back on if the idea well runs dry.

Still, you can’t emo or skank them up. Both options would be all sorts of wrong & in the case of skank, creepy. So with that said how does this video stack up now that it’s been all laid out? I find it disappointing.

The concept, while extremely stupid could have had an epic premise if it had been taken to a complete level of silliness & possible copyright infringing nonsense. I’m talking about an idea one of SH’s regular readers came up with during a discussion. Angry Birds Musume.

Why not go that far? The girls are already dressed as the yellow dive bombing birds. Would it not have been awesome to see them going head/feet/ass first into green plush pigs? (preferably the ones from Koi ni Booing Buu) Don’t you think the virtual mass destruction that would have been caused by this concept sounds a lot better than the actual end result we got? I certainly think so. Put some of those special effects to good use instead of wasting them on this.

Sadly some of us will once again let out a long, exhaustive sigh as the potential for awesomeness is once again blown in favor of lameness like heads in a box, super cute mugging in the chicken suits & way too much Aika than should be allowed in any Morning Musume video. Apparently those who think like I do are in the minority (again) when it comes to this video as the majority of fans are again suckered into loving this sub-par effort because of the massive amounts of cute that the youngins bring to the table. And maybe for some a feeling of obligation to support Momusu during their time of transition.

I’m all for support but at least give me something that shows that my time isn’t being wasted.

Are there any redeeming qualities that this video could possibly have? Yes there are. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra proves that Sayu can look good in anything and she does bring some truth to the idea that chicken suits can be hot.

There is also plenty of Fukumura eye candy. She gets a lot of lines in this song and that generally equals more screen time so yay!!

Other than that? Well if you like yellow there’s plenty of it here. It’s not as blinding as Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM but it’s fairly close. You won’t need sunglasses to watch this thankfully. Everything else is blah.

I feel sorry for the 10th gen having to debut with this debacle. Hopefully Momusu’s next video will be a better showcase for the newest members.

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra will be released January 25.

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  1. I agree, it is kinda childish.  Maybe Tsunku did it for the younger ones…ha ha.  I am hoping to that they revert back to their usual music and videos.  😀

  2. I agree with you completely! I think that MM can still do something youthful but I think they can’t cross the line of childish and unfortunately for this song they did. Maybe they’ll do something like 3, 2, 1 Breaking Out?

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