Morning Musume – Shouganai Yumeoibito

Shoganai Yumeoibito / Morning Musume

Shouganai Yumeoibito is Morning Musume’s 39th single continues the trend of moving away from the hyper genki pop into more contemporary territory.  This song gives off a somber kind of feeling despite the instrumental being somewhat upbeat.  It’s quite a nice contrast actually.  I really like the strings on this track. Very sweet.

The vocal duties seemed to be split rather equally for the most part.  It’s nice to  hear Sayu getting thrown a bone (I’d like to throw her a different type  of bone. =] ) & getting some solo lines.  Yeah, I may have bitched a little about her vocals in previous reviews, but she was totally wrong for those type of songs.  She sounds just right for this one.

I also liked Kamei’s vocals as well, she’s sounds like she’s starting to become strong competition for some lead parts in the future.  Everyone else seems to be par for the course, so no other comments on the vocals.

The video reminds me much like the Resonant Blue Another Version one where there’s some kind of story going on.  Unlike RB, I don’t have a clue what the point of the video is.  But the groups looking really good so I don’t care what the hell the storyline is supposed to be.

I  found it strange to see Reina with her hair down.  I’m used to seeing her with her hair up or in some sort of ponytail or something.  But hair down would be nice to see more often I think.  Oh & Takahashi looks FINE in this video, especially in the dance shots.  This is the 2nd H!P video I’ve watched that was actually interesting (The first being Buono’s My Boy) outside of the actual song itself.   It’ll be interesting to see if this type of thing continues in the future.

This is a great track.

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