Morning Musume – Yomiuri Land East 2009

Morning Musume Yomiuri Land East Live 2009 / Morning Musume

Release Date: January 20, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Hand Made City
  3. Love and Peace!
  4. Kimagure Princess
  5. Inspiration
  6. Subete wa Ai no Chikara
  8. Please! Jiyuu no Tobira
  9. Sexy Boy ~ Soyokaze ni Yorisotte ~
  10. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
  11. Happy Night
  12. KoiING


This was a special concert promoting the release of their coupling songs collection and it was held at Yomiuri Land Open Theater East on September 31, 2009.

The concert itself starts off with the standard group introductions and transitions into sort  of a team game guessing the rankings of some of their b-sides. Well that’s what I’m assuming it was since I kind of was half paying attention to what was going on.

After that was a short concert (just over an hour) of mostly b-sides along with (at the time) their most recent single Kimagure Princess and the classic track Sexy Boy ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~.  I found a couple of things about this show interesting.

First, the girls were performing in normal street clothes. As an H!P fan I’m used to seeing them in some fairly flashy & sometimes ridiculous costumes, so it was refreshing to see them dressed down in comparison to their normal stage outfits.

I’d like it if there were more future performances in these kind of stage costumes. As a side note, Sayumi looked hot, enough said. =) The second thing I noticed is that this was an actual live performance. No obvious backing tracks or anything of that sort.

That meant that sometimes the vocals were a little off at times. Nothing ear bleeding bad but it was noticeable when some notes went bad. It did expose some vocal flaws of some of the members as well. Jun Jun in particular seems to need a bit more power when belting out her lines.

To make my point clearer, I thought Sayu had better projection than Jun Jun. Perhaps it’s blasphemous to say that about everyone’s favorite banana lover, but I’m just calling it like I hear it. I still dig her no matter what.

Overall it was a great show with only a few flaws. It was nice to see a different type of set list performed.

Morning Musume Yomiuri Land East 2009

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