Muten Musume – Appare Kaitenzushi PV

Muten Musume Appare Kaiten Zushi CoverI & other staff here are Selective Hearing were under the impression that there was going to be no PV for this song since this is a one-off to pimp a sushi chain. I guess it’s best to wait things out because while browsing my Twitter feed I saw that there was a video made and the kind folks of Hello! Online were nice enough to post a link.

Compared to more recent videos this is the most interesting one Momosu has done since Reina’s hooker walking exploits in Resonant Blue. If you’re going by fun factor you have to go back further to the high seas piracy of Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima .

Yes, it’s one giant commercial for Kura Corpo but unlike a lot of recent Morning  Musume videos,  it’s actually something I want to watch over and over. The animated characters are fairly spot on with Eri & Sayu being the most accurate in my opinion.

When I first heard that Morning Musume were doing a song about sushi I was much like a lot of others and went “WTF?” Strangely enough,  it turns out this is way above a lot of their recent material. I like this a lot more than Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game and I believe this should have been the official triple grad single.

I applaud H!P for not going to the well of  the familiar dance shots/close-ups and trying something else out for once.

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