Muten Musume – Appare Kaitenzushi

Appare Kaitenzushi / Muten Musume. (Morning Musume.)

Normal Edition

Appare Kaitenzushi / Muten Musume. (Morning Musume.)

Limited Edition

Release Date: October 27, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Appare Kaitenzushi
  2. Kurazushi Bikkurapon!
  3. Appare Kaitenzushi (Instrumental)
  4. Kurazushi Bikkurapon! (Instrumental)


Appare Kaitenzushi! is the first single by Muten Musume (Morning Musume), it is a song for Kura Corpo, one of the biggest sushi restaurant corporations in Japan. The song itself is more like a CM song for a company, the lyrics and the music is very business-like and has nothing to with the typical Morning Musume sound.

Which apparently is an upside to what they have been doing and is a breath of fresh air to the group away from Hello! Project in general. It might be a continuing theme if it does succeed for a period of time so it might be something to get from promotions.

There is no PV and the B-side (Kurazushi Bikkurapon!) is much better than the A-side in quality of a single and its worth listening to. So, please do get it, if you can, and it might change a perspective or two before their 44th single and the last enjoyment of the pandas and Kamei before they graduate.

Appare Kaitenzushi First Press Limited Edition

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Appare Kaitenzushi Normal Edition

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