[email protected] – Magical Lip KISS

Release Date: November 7th, 2012


1. Magical Lip KISS
2. Kokoro ga Sukoshi Genki Nai Mitai
3. Magical Lip KISS (Instrumental)
4. Kokoro ga Sukoshi Genki Nai Mitai (Instrumental)


[email protected] takes on the electro sound in her second single, Magical Lip KISS, following the likes of popular groups such as Morning Musume and AKB48 shortly after they released their own take on the auto-tune sound. But with so many groups taking on this infectious sound and transferring it into their own music, making the genre of electro Idol-pop quite irritating because of how overused it is, can Nana stick out as anything special, especially when she is competing alongside bigger and more well-known groups?

Well personally, I think that Nana can (and will) stick out in terms of sound and look when it comes to Magical Lip KISS as a single. Compared to what Morning Musume and AKB48 have brought out, Nana has not only given me a reason to like the sound of electro pop, but has also allowed me to hear just how good and how well done it can be when in the hands of professionals.

My problem with the electro sound originally was that it sounded too much like overused auto-tune, and it sounded messy and unappealing for someone who wasn’t even interested in the electro sound to begin with, but Nana’s second single is one of those truly rare gemstones hidden beneath a pile of over-hyped rocks. The sound of the song is great, and it totally works with Nana’s voice. She isn’t the best Idol singer on the scene, but she certainly isn’t the worst, and the auto-tune allows her voice to shine in another way, one which makes her sound quite appealing without her sounding heavily auto-tuned or drowned in a sea of electro sounds like Morning Musume were.

Magical Lip KISS is also a genuinely fun song to listen to. It has a very unique, sci-fi feeling to it, one which really sticks out to me when I listen to the song, so combined with that electro sound, it sounds pretty epic in my opinion, and I find that this song is so much better, and a lot nicer to listen to, when compared to the likes of what AKB48, Morning Musume and Watanabe Mayu have brought out. Nana totally rocks this song, and she rocks the electro sound along with it.

Kokoro ga Sukoshi Genki Nai Mitai is a girlier song, more like your everyday candy Idol pop that you’re all used to, but with extra electro to add more depth to the song. It’s a really cute song and I really like it, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the electro sound to return, but oddly enough, I like it once again. I find it refreshing, it doesn’t sound like Magical Lip KISS even with the added electro tone to it, and it adds a nice comparison by reflecting the cooler tone of the A-side with a more girlish tone. Kokoro ga Sukoshi Genki Nai Mitai is actually one of my current choice songs when I want to listen to something on a loop, it’s that cute and infectious. I love the sound and feel, and I think that the electro sound really compliments it, and again, works well with Nana’s voice. And, is it just me, or does she sound a lot like Nakajima Saki in this song?

I think that it’s really cool that Nana was able to get a cute song with an electro sound, because from the Idols I have heard lately, most of their electro songs take on that cool and mature sound, but Nana has approached both sides with the current trending Idol pop sound, allowing us to see her more mature side through Magical Lip KISS, but also allowing us to return to her cuter, more innocent side where she sounds more like the Idol that she truly is.

Personally I love both songs, they have their good points, and out of the two singles that Nana has currently produced, this is definitely the best one. It’s great that she’s able to experiment with sound, but what I find amazing, for an Idol who is pretty obscure and less than popular to other groups out there right now, is that Nana’s second single has an amazing sound, a professional, well-done sound. This single actually puts older and more experienced Idol groups to shame when it comes to their sound of electro styled music. Maybe it’s just me, but honestly, Nana has allowed me to appreciate how good Electro pop can sound, and she’s shown me that not all electro music is as terrible as Morning Musume made it out to be when I first listened to One Two Three, or that it isn’t as boring as Uza was.

This is a really good single, a gem hidden deep beneath a pile of terrible, over-tuned rocks which get a lot of hype, but only because of their names. I love it, and I know that plenty of people love Uza and One Two Three, but they aren’t for me. Magical Lip KISS all the way!

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