Namie Amuro – Go Round/YEAH-OH

Released March 21, 2012

Track Listing:

1. Go Round


3. Go Round (Instrumental)

4. YEAH-OH (Instrumental)

Namie Amuro releases her first single of 2012, Go Round. Remember Past<Future? This new single continues that new direction of hers. Go Round is the song with the lesser amount of electro-pop. While it’s not my favorite Namie song, (Something ’bout the Kiss is straight up awesome) she sounds much more comfortable on this electro-pop bed than previously heard. But, it does sound a bit too lackluster, which could lose a few people.

I think depending on if you dug Go Round, you might have the opposite feeling on YEAH-OH. As previously eluded to, YEAH-OH is the more electro-pop of the two and, personally I didn’t enjoy it. It’s not secret that Asian pop music as a whole is influenced by the western pop music style, but this song leans too hard in that direction. Sounds like a combination of modern-day Black Eyed Peas and some solo artist. (I thought Lady Gaga and Madonna but neither of them quite fit.)

I normally don’t recommend buying singles, but if the electro-pop direction is your kind of thing, Namie’s latest release will fit right in.

Go Round/YEAH-OH

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